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Note: This walkthrough is somewhat less detailed than the previous ones in the following respects.  Firstly, it does not map out every move, assuming a certain basic ability on the part of the player.  Secondly, it omits the mention of many enemies, since they make themselves known on their own.  Finally, and most importantly, it does not point out every pickup, so the player needs to explore on her/his own for these.  Following the walkthrough word-for-word will result in missing some items.  What is included is solutions to the major puzzles and the locations of all the secrets.  So, the real intent of the walkthrough is to help the player get “un-stuck” if need be during the course of independently exploring the level.  



Level 8 - The Lost Temple of Saggarah


Exit the hallway and jump from the first column pedestal, past the toxic water to the SE.   Pull the lever that you see in the camera shot to raise an iron platform in the water.  Now you can make your way across the water to the other side.  You may notice a door to open near the fountain, but all  useful ways inside are blocked for the moment.  Also, take note of the deeper corner of the fountain basin, as this will be important later. To the west of the fountain is an alcove with a torch burning.  Look for the trap door in the sand and raise it (it is darker than the surrounding ground).  Crawl through the tunnel.  A dog will attack at a very inopportune moment..  Pull the switch to hear a door open elsewhere.  As you exit, take very careful note of the odd graphic above the crawlspace.  Make a savegame here so you can refer to it later.  Exit the crawlspace.


Enter the small door near the fountain and follow the hallway to its end.  To the right is a ladder.  If you look left and up, you will find the way to Secret #1.  After getting the secret, climb the ladder and pull the switch at the end of the passage.  A trapdoor opens somewhere.  Head back to the hallway below.  Jump up to the opening, a little way down and to your left, and climb the stairs.  Mind the spike trap.  Drop down through the open trap door and proceed to the right.  A block will recede in front of you to reveal a ladder.   Climb up and notice the monkey bars around the corner to your left.  For now, though, head east, among a swarm of locusts, to find a jump switch.  The way back is blocked, so make a jump into the deep part of the fountain below (noted above).  Follow your course back to where you just came from, but notice the open door and lever in the passage before the ladder to the higher level.  Push the lever and climb back up.  This time, head south and find the open double doors above the fountain below.


Drop down and grab the edge.  Shimmy left until you reach the ladder, then climb and move around to the left until you can drop down on the terrace above.   Look for the reach-in switch in the wall nearby and activate it to drop another trapdoor.  Proceed back the way you came, and head back to where you jumped into the fountain before.  Close by is the newly opened trapdoor.  Climb down and get into the crawlspace below.  Find the jump switch on the opposite wall and pull it to open a second set of double doors.  Make your way back through the crawlspace and up the ladder and to the open doors to the west.


Now you must refer to the map you saved earlier to make your way through this booby-trapped maze (note: red lines on the map mean death).  After pulling the switch at the end, make your way back by the same route.  You now have access to the monkey bars.  Climb across to a floor switch on the other side, and push it.  A flyby shows a rope has dropped nearby.  To reach it, go back to where the locusts attacked and head back down the ladder and crawlspace. 


Use the rope to swing across to the platform near the walls topped with obelisks. Look at the building ahead and notice the crawlspace opening in the side (for now, you cannot access it because of the raised platform below).  From here, jump over to the opposite wall, then use the raised wooden platforms above the lagoon to reach the rooftop opposite.  Shoot both vases to reveal the GOLDEN SERPENT on the raised stone block.  Retrieve the artifact and place it in its nearby receptacle.   Go through the newly opened door and use the jump switch at the end of the path.  A block has been raised next to where you just placed the golden serpent.  Climb up here and make the jump across to the landing to the north.  Pulling the switch lowers the platform  below the crawlspace by the columned walls.  Head back to the near walkway with obelisks and jump to grab the opening of the crawlspace.


Inside, Lara reaches a place where she can stand up.  To the left is a route which is blocked now, but you can return here later.  Continue on ahead until you reach level 9.


NOTE: If you are looking for a solution for part of this level not covered above, the rest of the solution for this level is given after returning from level 9.   Please see below.


Level 9 – Imhotep’s Challenge


Begin by turning around and blasting that gate with your pistols.  Go inside to find Secret #2.  Outside again, you’ll need to slide backward down the slope and grasp the edge.  Shimmy as far as possible to either the left or right.  Climb up and do a back flip with a roll and grab the ladder.  Climb down.  After killing a couple enemies,  take note of the gray wooden door in the SW corner.  Go through the crawlspace in the NW corner to find a wooden mechanism.  Lara must pull about 8 times to raise the gray door, then rush back to get through the gray door before it shuts again.


Inside, jump the ditch to reach a switch.  This opens the other door in the SW corner.  Exit through the underground tunnel and enter the newly opened door.


Solution to the Room with 4 Switches and Deadly Trench.


This room has 4 switches, one in each of the corners.  These switches do two things. First,  they open four gates in the hallway off the south wall of this room.  Second, they raise and lower two little bridges in the central trench of fires and spikes.    Begin by crossing the trench to the south side.  Pull the switch in the SE corner to raise a bridge in the east part of the trench.  Cross this and pull the switch in the NE corner.  Now, use the crowbar to open the nearby gate.  Inside, jump to the opening above the east end of the trench and pull the switch there.  This opens the gate leading back to where you first enter the room.  Go there (mind the fire trap)and pull that switch now.  Finally, cross back over the trench and pull the switch in the SW corner.  The hallway is no clear.


Climb the pole and back flip over the spikes to the east.  Follow this path, opening some doors , and shooting two wooden trunks along the way.  Drop down in the hole at the end of the corridor and slide to the bottom.  Push the doors open to find yourself back at the beginning.  Repeat this route, this time jumping over the spikes to the west at the top of the pole (note: as you slide at the end, there is a fire trap on the side).


Push the lever in the SE corner back up to make a bridge over the trench.  Exit back to the room with the two ladders (where you start the level) and find the raised block in an alcove on the south side.  Pull the jump switch above to open the door in the north wall.  Make your way around the outside of the fire pit there and pull the switch on the far wall.    Two blocks have been lowered in the area high above, at the top of the ladders.


Back in the beginning room, climb the ladder on the left (as you face them).  Move Lara as far to the left as she will go.  At the top, climb over and begin sliding down the slope.  Jump and veer Lara slightly left and grasp the edge of the walkway.  Pull up and use the monkey bars to swing across, following them until Lara is in front of a crawl space.  Drop down and enter the crawl space and pull the switch at the end.  Exit the crawlspace.  Stand Lara facing the wall under the crawlspace and back flip onto the slope behind and grasp the edge.  Shimmy all the way left .  Do a back flip with roll and grab the ladder.  Climb to the bottom.


Look up toward where you entered the level and you will see a new opening in the wall.  To reach it, climb the ladder and do a back flip with roll to grasp the edge of the opening.  Inside, you’ll find Secret #3 (a GOLD STAR) hidden in an alcove off the fire pit.  Use the slopes to get to the secret and to exit.


Return to the main room and climb the ladder on the right this time.  Use the monkey bars on this side, near the closed gate, to swing over and find another lever.  This opens the closed gate back by the beginning of this monkey swing.  Do the same as before to get back to the ladder .  Climb back up and make your way through the newly opened gate.


Next comes a series of boulder traps, so make a savegame before going on.  Slide down the first slope and IMMEDIATELY run or jump to the tile below with the black diamond.  Without stopping, move Lara to the base of the slope ahead and jump up.  Immediately turn left , run and jump over the small pit.  Activate the reach in switch in front of you (you will hear a door open nearby).  The tile with the black diamond is now on fire and the tile just next to it is also a fire trap.  Jump to the slope to the left and above the fire and slide back and grasp the edge.  Now Lara can climb up and do a back flip over both deadly tiles.


Jump over the boulder and head around the corner.  After the small lava pit, stand facing away from the slope.  Do a simple jump back and immediately run forward and left, jumping back over the lava pit as a boulder comes crashing down.  Head back to the slope and up to the first step.  Again, face away from the step and do a back flip on to it.  Immediately run back down and to the left, jumping once more over the lava pit.  It is now safe to follow the sloping hallway.  At the end, use the monkey bars to swing all the way forward and then to the left.  Drop and grasp the edge of the opening and climb in.


To open the gate, you need to move the game pieces onto the squares with the corresponding colors. 


In the next room, head to the alcove in the southern wall.  Inside, on the left is an open trapdoor under a switch.  To the right is a white square.  This is a timed sequence.  Lara must step on the colored square, then run to the other side and pull the lever before the trapdoor reopens.  Next head to the eastern alcove.  Back Lara as far up the slope as you can, then back flip up the slope and jump forward to grab an overhead switch.  Finally head to the northern alvove.


Light a flare and look down to see a lower landing to the right.  Jump down to it.  Look down below to see a gate.  First, turn around, drop off and grasp the edge of the landing.  Use the ladder to climb around to the left into a dark corner.  Inside, jump and pull the overhead switch.  Use the ladder to climb back around to the front.    Still holding the ladder, do a back flip with roll to the ladder behind.  Enter the crawlspace and step on the colored tile.  Now make your way back to where you entered this room.  A raised block allows you to pull a switch and open the gate back in the northern alcove.


Inside the gate, you must make your way up a long sloping corridor where 2 boulders will fall.  Lara can take shelter in the alcoves along the sides to avoid the boulders.  When you reach the room at the top, look around and find a passage leading to a gray game piece and a closed door.  On the other side is a closed gray door.

Now, follow the passage leading out the other side of the main room.  You will now be standing above the room with the alcoves.  Jump to the catwalk with the red puzzle piece. 


Notice the color of light emanating from each of the four alcoves on the level below.  You must manipulate the four colored game pieces to the colored tiles nearest the alcove with the same color (south = blue, north = green, east = yellow, west = red).  The gray piece in the center is only there as an obstruction.  Once all the pieces are in place, one of the doors in the previous room opens (cut scene).  Push the gray game piece there through the door and position it in front of the giant hammer.  Pick up the puzzle piece after the hammer falls.


The receptacle for the puzzle piece is on a column in the SE corner of the room outside.  Placing it opens the gray door nearby.  Head inside and collect your prize – the SILVER STAR. 


Now Lara must make her way back to the beginning of the level.  The quickest way is to go back out to the catwalks with the colored game pieces.  Standing near the red piece, angle a simple jump while holding the “action” key down to land safely in the alcove below.  In the next room, jump to the monkey bars and follow them all the way forward (don’t turn to the right) until Lara falls off and lands back near the start of the level.  Make your way over to the receptacle near the closed gate and use the SILVER STAR to open it.  Follow the corridor inside and open the doors at the end to arrive in a vast area with 4 glass-topped pyramids.


Area with 4 Pyramids


The first task here is to move the four gray game pieces onto the tiles below the translucent blue spheres.  This raises a block along the west wall of this large room.  From there, Lara can access a jump switch which will open trapdoors inside all the pyramids, except the one in the NE corner.  Shoot the glass tip off one of the other three.  In the north and south side of the room, Lara can jump and climb to a place from which she can run and jump into the top of the pyramids (save your game first).  Inside, slide down two ramps and jump over the spikes to grab the pole at the end of the second ramp.


Climb up and back flip to the opening in the west wall.  Follow the passage to overlook a room with colored squares on the floor and a switch on the far wall.  Lara must carefully jump on the squares which are below ceiling tiles that do not have a skull on them.  Pull the lever and make your way back using the same tiles.  A fly-by scene shows the artifact at the top of the structure in the center of the four pyramids is now accessible. Exit via the long ladder to the west.


Once outside, look for the new jump switch in the NW corner of this big room.  This opens the trapdoor inside the NE pyramid.  Jump into this pyramid and be sure to angle the jump so Lara slides down backward.  Grasp the edge at the bottom.  Drop and grasp the gap below and shimmy around to the right for Secret # 4.  Now you will have to make your way out of the pyramid as before.


Once back outside, use the climbable surface on the large central tower to retrieve the DJOSER EFFIGY.  A cut scene shows the exit opening back near the beginning of this level.  Return there and jump through the newly opened door.  Make sure you collect the BLACK BEETLE  on the column just inside the door before continuing to the end of the level.


Back in Level 8


Go to the small structure with the open roof in the northeast area.  On the eastern side of this structure is a grate which Lara can open with the crowbar.  Inside, find the switch on the wall of one of the window alcoves.  Pulling it opens the door nearby, at the bottom of a short stairway (north of this building).  Go there next.


Pull the first switch on the south wall.  Pull the switch on the west wall.  Go through the center area to the east side.  Pull the switch there.  Continue to the north and pull the last switch.  Return to the switch on the east wall and pull it back UP.  Now, climb the block in the center of the room and pull up to the area above.  Get the GOLDEN KEY inside the sarcophagus.  Return to the lower level (a cut scene shows where you will use the key).  Pull the east switch back DOWN and the north switch back UP to clear the way to exit this room.


Outside, head over to the pool directly to the south.  Jump in and swim into the opening on the bottom.  Follow the passage and climb out at the other end.  Near the closed door on the right-hand side is a reach-in switch on the wall.  This raises a platform in the pool outside.  Return to the pool and climb onto the raised metal platform.  Jump to the opening and use the GOLDEN KEY to open the door.


Inside, go to the right and down the stairs.  At the bottom of the stairs, mount the climbable surface and shimmy around all the way to the other side.  Drop off and push the floor lever there, raising  metal platform in the toxic pool.  Shimmy back around to the stairs and head to the other (north side) stairs.  Jump to the platform.  Turn and jump to the landing near the second floor lever.  Push the lever.  From here, Lara must make a running jump up to the landing with the pedestal (the flame has been extinguished).


Jump down to the other side (near the first floor lever).  Jump to the newly raised  metal platform in the water.  From here make a running jump and grab to the landing on the other (east) side.  Follow the corridor to the left (under the torches).  At the end, go right and climb the short stairs.  Light a flare and find the overhead wall switch.  This switch clears the toxic pool.  Head back to the pool and swim into the opening on the bottom.  At the other end of the water passage, climb out and pull the wall switch.


Return to the pool and use the raised metal platform to get back to the eastern side.  Go around to the back and find the newly raised metal platform, allowing Lara to climb to the higher level.  In the room above, find the floor lever and push it.  This opens the trapdoor in the structure with the open roof outside.  Back downstairs, use the rope to swing back over the pool to the other side. 


Head back into the small building with the open roof (northeast area).  Drop down through the trap door and place the 4 BLACK BEETLES in the sides of the small pyramid.  Collect the KEY inside.  Exit through the newly opened door.  Pick up the GOLDEN SERPENT in the next room and place it in the receptacle in the SW corner of the room.  Back outside, go to the closed door in the north wall and use the KEY to open it.  Proceed through the open door to the next level.


(NOTE: If you want all the secrets, you will need to climb back to the upper level and use the rope again to swing over to the walls lined with obelisks.  Enter the crawlspace that led to level 9 again.  When Lara can stand, turn and crawl to the left and drop down to retrieve Secret #5.)


Level 10 –


Climb over the barrier.  Lara will be facing a deep pit spanned by a bridge.  To the east is a closed gate.  Look down into the eastern end of the pit to see a landing guarded by a skeleton.  Make a running jump down to the landing.  Inside, find the button and push it, causing an earthquake and opening the gate above.  Head back out to the landing.


Save your game here.  Standing on the edge of the landing and facing west, do a simple jump to land on the sloping block below.  Slide, jump and grab the next sloping block ahead.  Climb up, slide and jump to grab the ladder.  Shimmy just right of the ladder’s center.  Climb up and slide down the other side as far as you can before falling off, jump and continue to hold the “jump” key as Lara lands on the sloping block ahead.  Lara will jump to the right and land safely on a flat block.  Climb the ladder back to the top.


The bridge has been destroyed, so use the monkey bars to swing back to the south side of the pit.  Go east and climb into the opening.  Pull down the switch inside.  A cut scene shows a dark area at the west end of the pit.  Head all the way to the west side of the room and stand looking down into the pit.  Do a simple jump back and then run (without jumping) off the edge so that Lara lands on top of the column below.  Drop and grab the north edge of the column and use the ladder to climb in to the opening below.


Head into the room and immediately turn left (or right) to avoid the spike ball.  Pick up the KEY from the pedestal.  Return to the opening where you entered.  Angle a running jump to the slope ahead and to the left.  Hold the jump until Lara lands safely on the flat block.  Climb the ladder and use the key to open the door in the northern wall.  The doors will shut behind her as Lara enters.  The next part of the level involves finding many switches and solving several puzzles.


Ahead is a wide stairway flanked on either side by two narrower sets of steps leading to open doorways.  Begin on the right side, heading through the doorway and following the passage until you see a gray wooden door ahead. Continue left until you encounter a soldier battling a giant scorpion. On the way, look at the pedestal inside the small structure. Beneath the grating, on the right and left sides are two symbols; pay close attention to these!  Make a running jump across the trench to the NE corner of the room (near the large gray double doors).  Find the switch on the north wall and pull it.  Return to the courtyard where you began.


Now, go through the opening on the left-hand side.  Follow the passage around and find the small room with a ladder leaning against the wall (guarded by a skeleton)..  In the NW corner, find the switch and pull it.  Exit and head up the stairs to the west.  Take note of the stone pedestal in the next courtyard.  Go around the corner to the right and jump over the narrow trench to the north.  Turn left and find the next switch in the dark corner.  After pulling the switch, return the way you came. Return to the gray wooden door, which is now open.


Entering the room behind the gray door, you will find four alcoves with buttons and symbols. Push the two buttons with symbols that correspond to the ones under the pedestal outside. This opens the gate in the south wall. Inside is an empty pool. To the left is a wall switch. Pull it to open a door atop the central structure outside.

Over the short stairway leading into the courtyard with the stone pedestal is a pointed archway.  Angle a running jump up to the lowest point on the archway.  Now, standing on the peak of the archway and facing north, do a jump grab to the wall ahead.  Pull the switch there to open the door in the SW corner of the courtyard below.


Enter the doorway and follow the stairs to a room with a raised, carpeted platform surrounded by four columns.  On each column is a symbol and a button.  To know which buttons to push,  look at the ceiling in the center of the room.  Pushing the correct buttons opens the gate in the south wall.  Inside, find the switch and pull it to open the gate in the east wall.  Head outside and up the short stairs to the door you opened earlier.  Inside, pull the black and gold striped block onto the first scarab tile.  This opens the door on the east side of this structure.


Use the rooftop outside to make your way to the east side (mind the green hot tiles).  Notice the BLACK BEETLE on the other side of the lattice – you will get this much later.  Go through the door and notice the torch on the floor to the left.  Leave it for now, but remember its location.  To the right is a sloping block in the corner.  Do a back flip onto the slope and jump to grab the ledge above.  Pull up and drop down on the opposite side.  Lara will find herself behind the block  she has recently moved.   Look carefully on the north wall here for a switch.  Pulling it opens a gray door below.


Now, push the block all the way forward onto the second scarab tile.  This will lower the block obstructing the walkway above.  Return to the south door and jump back up to the walkway.  Pull the switch in the alcove to the south.  A door opens below.  It is in the room which was guarded before by the skeleton.  Make your way to this room and through the newly opened door.


Jump the narrow trench.  Turn and look back down into the trench to see an opening.  This is the way to Secret #6.  After getting the secret, head through the open gray door to the north.  Follow the path until you reach the NE corner of the room and find a black & gold striped block.  Pull the block away from the wall so Lara can climb into the alcove and pull the switch there.  This opens the door in the NE corner – mind the spike trap on your way through.


Room with Tower Surrounded by Water


(NOTE: Explore the inside of the tower now (through an underwater entrance) for pickups, as this will be blocked later.)


Find the safe tile near the NW corner of the short wall surrounding the tower.  From here, do a running jump to grab the ledge at the corner of the tower.  Shimmy left around the corner to the north side and pull up on the balcony.  Pull the switch there to lower a block above.  Next, drop and grab the edge and shimmy all the way around to the south balcony of the tower.  From here do a running jump to grab the ladder opposite and climb up to the higher level.


Turn and do a long running jump and grab to the top of the tower, then another to the landing on the south side of the room.  Find the wall switch and pull it.  Next, from the top of the central tower, turn east.  Do a simple jump/grab to the edge of the flaming tile.  Shimmy right until Lara can safely pull up on the scarab tile.  Find the switch in the corner behind the black & gold block and pull it.  Move the block onto the scarab tile.  Make your way over the hot tiles to the north side and push the block onto the scarab tile there.


Do a long running jump/grab back to the top of the central tower.  Do simple jump/grab to the edge of the flaming tiles to the west.  Shimmy left until Lara can pull up safely.  Move the block onto the scarab tile.


Back at the base of the tower, some blocks have risen in the water, giving access to three of the four buttons on the side of the tower.  Push the three buttons (if you want) and go to the door in the north wall of this room.  Inside are two ramps with spike balls.  One way to safely trigger them: do a standing jump up to the left ramp followed by a side jump to the right ramp and a side jump back to the left (after the first spike ball has passed).  In the room at the top, pull the two wall switches found on either side of the pool (note the button above the pool).


The door in the west wall of the tower room has opened, revealing a scarab tile inside.  Head back out to the room before the tower room.  As you make your way through the center of this room, look for the tall raised block with a switch above it.  A flaming tile obstructs the path to the top of the block.  Continue around to the south end of the room where you encounter a giant scorpion.  Head west and find the wall switch, which extinguishes the flaming tile. 


Go back and pull the switch over the raised block near the center of the room.  This raises another block in the spike trap between this room and the tower room.  Lara can now move the last black & gold block into the tower room and onto the scarab tile inside the open door in the west wall.  This raises a block in the water on the south side of the tower, allowing Lara to push the final button there, which will give access to the button over the pool in the room above.


When Lara pushes the button over the pool, a cut scene shows golden water pouring into the dry pool back toward the beginning of the level.  Make your way back to that room now. (NOTE: The door in the east wall of the tower room will be opened later from the other side).


Solution to Water/Fire Puzzle


Above the pedestal outside the room with the pool, which is now filled with golden water, there are four blue bars.  This is the clue that Lara must pour 4 liters of water here.  Fill the water skin with four liters of water from the golden pool nearby.  Pour the 4 liters into the pedestal outside (stand directly in front of the pedestal and select the water skin in inventory and “use”).  When Lara steps back, a cut scene shows one torch has ignited by the closed door in the first courtyard outside.


Before going on, go around to the back side of this small structure surrounding the pedestal.  Look up at the wall to the west.  You will note that the flame, which has burned there until now, is extinguished.  Climb on to the slanted roof of the small structure and do a back flip and roll to land on the wall above.  Follow the short path to its end and do a jump on to the sloping roof to the right.  At the top is Secret #7.


Now you will need your torch, so go retrieve it from wherever it is.  With torch in hand, make your way back to the room west of the central tower (where you pushed two of four buttons before).  In the small room off of it, the pedestal is now aflame.  Use it to light your torch.  Exit by following the long stairway down to the other courtyard with a pedestal in its center.  Use the torch to light this pedestal.  Watch the cut scene, then go and claim the HAND.


Getting the 4 Black Beetles


Use the HAND to open the other set of double doors.  Note the receptacle at the bottom of this room for later. Find the black and gold block on the left-hand side and push it in to the next room. (Also, note the receptacle at the bottom of this room for later).   Pull the other block out and move it aside to reveal a corridor.  Follow the corridor to a room with a giant scarab structure floating over a green pool.  To either side of the entrance is a high block with flame blowers.  Near the one on the left is a wall switch.  Pull it to raise a block back in the room with the two moveable blocks.  Return there and maneuver one of the blocks onto the scarab tile in the alcove.  This extinguished the flame blowers atop the two blocks.


From the top of either block, do a long running jump to a flat spot on the scarab structure.


Grasping the lower edge on the north side of the scarab structure, shimmy right until you see an opening in the wall behind.  Do a back flip into the very left (as you face away) side of the opening – otherwise Lara will land on hot tiles.  The gate opens as when Lara approaches.  Stand to the very left side of the opening (save your game).  Slide down, jump a flame trap and continue sliding to the bottom.  At the very bottom of the slide, jump and veer left (holding the jump key) so that Lara lands safely on a flat spot.


Turn and do a running jump to the flat landing at the bottom of the spike ball ramp.  Quickly jump back and grab the edge while the spike ball rolls by.  Push the wall switch down to raise a block in the opposite corner of the room.  Climb the tall block in the NW corner and do a running jump to the tall block in the NE corner.  From here, make a running jump to the ladder and climb up to claim your first BLACK BEETLE.  Exit through the open gate in the east wall. 


Note the ladder above the water opening.  Take a swim to the upper level, climb out and find the wall switch.  After pulling it, swim back down and use the ladder to climb to a small alcove.  Turn and jump to another alcove in the opposite wall.  Pull the switch to open the gate above.  Swim back up and exit to the room with the giant scarab. 


Make your way back onto the scarab structure as before.  This time, shimmy all the way around to its west end until Lara is over a pool of clear water.  Drop in and swim through a short water maze and up to an opening.  Climb out and find an opening in the west wall.  Push the button inside to drop a rope above the giant scarab.  Now use the climbable structures over the giant scarab to get close to the rope.  Do a back flip and roll and grab the rope.  Swing over and grasp the climbable structure on the east wall.  Shimmy around the corner to the right, and back flip onto the small landing.


From the landing, do a running jump to the opening high on the south wall.  Mind the spikes inside.  Pull the wall switch at the end of the short corridor.  Do a running jump back to the small landing on the east wall (hold the “action” key while jumping to avoid hitting the large ceiling beam).  Make your way over to the small landing to the north and do a running jump to the opening in the north wall.  Claim the second BLACK BEETLE inside.


The water below the giant scarab is now safe.  Once more, make your way around to the west side of the scarab and follow the water tunnel to the upper level.  Climb around to the east side of the first climbable structure over the giant scarab.  This time, drop off and into the center of the scarab.  Follow the water passage until Lara can climb out.  Find BLACK BEETLE number three on the column in the center of the room.  Pull the wall switch to open the door and exit back to the beginning of the level.


While dousing a fire spirit in the small pool of golden water, you will see your next destination through the grille.  The double doors at the beginning of the level are now open again.  Head back through them and jump down to the landing at the east end of the deep chasm.  Inside and to the left, the way is now open.  Climb the pole to the room above and find the fourth BLACK BEETLE at its north end.  Return to the room below and exit the way you came in.  Continue straight south into another opening where Lara can climb back up to the beginning of level 10.  If you have 4 BLACK BEETLES, return now to level 8.


Back In Level 8 (One Last Time).


The pool at the entrance to level 8 is now clear.  Jump on in and swim into the opening in the SE corner.  Swim through the short water maze until you emerge in a large underwater room.  Swim left (south) and open the underwater door.  Inside Lara can get some air and kill the croc that follows her.  Jump back in the water and find the underwater switch on the ceiling in the NW corner of this room.


Get  some air and swim out into the large central room.  Find a KEY in the NW corner.  Open the door on the west wall and find the under water switch on the ceiling in the SW corner.  Finally, open the door on the north wall of the main room and find the ceiling switch in the NE corner.  Back out in the main room, a door has opened to reveal a passage (NE corner).  Follow it until Lara can climb out.


Defeat the demigod that awaits you and take the ARTIFACT it drops.  Use the KEY in the lock on the east wall to open a gate nearby.  Climb the pole in the corner to the room above.  Open the door and enter a room with three more doors.  Open  the west door.  Slide down the ramp and grab the edge of the rust colored column at the bottom (don’t let Lara fall into the water).  Shimmy around and drop off.  Push the floor lever.  Drop into the water and swim back to the room where you fought the demigod.  Climb back up to the room with three doors.


This time, go through the north door.  Slide down the ramp backward and grasp the edge at the end.  Drop and grab the ledge below and shimmy around the corner where Lara can drop to a flat spot.  Make a running jump to the other side of the room and push the floor lever.  A door opens nearby.  Jump in the water and swim again to the room where you encountered the demigod.  Use the four BLACK BEETLES to open the small pyramid.  Take the HANDLE.  Place the ARTIFACT in its receptacle on the wall to open the doors.  Exit and return to Level !0.


Level 10 – The end


Make your way back to the room with the receptacle for the IMHOTEP'S PORTAL GUARDIAN.  Place it to open the gate at the end of the hallway off the south side of this room.  When you go through the gate, you’ll encounter the hammer god inside.  Turn right and find the wall switch in the dark corner.  Pulling it raises a block in the other (NE) corner.  Climb this block and stand on the scarab tile to re-open the doors at the south end of the room.  This is on a timer, so jump down and run quickly to pass the doors.


Inside, climb the ladder opposite the single wooden door.  At the top, go west and climb through the opening.  Pull the wall switch in the next room.  Head north, jumping to a platform atop one of the columns, followed by a running jump/grab to the next platform.  Pull the wall switch in this alcove, opening the single wooden door in the room below. 


Step back out on the platform atop the column.  Look directly east to the alcoves on the other side.  In the middle is an invisible platform which can be reached with a running jump.  From there, jump to the alcove on the eastern side.  In the first is a pickup of grenadegun ammo.  Jump to the next alcove to the south and find Secret #8.


To get back down, jump next to the leg of the Pharaoh statue below.  Lara will have to climb once again to the scarab tile in the NE corner.  Run back through the open door by the Pharaoh statue and exit by the open door inside.