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Secrets: 6


NOTE: NW = northwest, SE = southeast, etc.


Underground Cavern.Before moving, note the revolver ammo on the floor ahead.Pick it up quickly, then run immediately toward the rear of the room as a boulder comes crashing down.Pick up the Uzi clips near the ladder, then STAND STILL.Another boulder will crash down in front of the ladder, after which it is safe to climb up to the top.


When you reach the top, turn around to find Secret #1: The Uzi on a ledge.Shimmy along the sloped ledge to retrieve it, and then head back to the corridor at the top of the ladder. Follow the corridor Ė shooting 2 bats along the way - until you reach an opening to the outside.


Courtyard with Burning Pedestal. Climb up to the top of the opening and be prepared to shoot the armed baddie waiting to ambush you at the bottom of the ramp.That done, shoot the 2 vases at the top of the ramp Ė one contains Uzi clips and the other holds red shotgun ammo.Take note of the closed gate in the east wall, then head down through the opening near the burning pedestal and in to the fountain courtyard.Pick up the red shotgun ammo in the SW corner.


Courtyard with Land Rover. Head through one of the openings in the north wall to emerge in another courtyard where a Land Rover sits idling.To the right is a carved stone door flanked by 2 gem locks.Youíll need to find those gems.Begin by going west to a small lagoon.


Cloister with Large Iron Gate.Jump in and swim directly across to the ramp on the other side.Climb out and go left on the narrow quay to find Uzi clips.No do a jump/grab to the archway above the ramp and jump down to the stairs on the other side.When you reach the bottom of the stairs, 2 hounds attack.Take care of them, then have a look around the cloister you have entered.In the Sw corner is a large iron gate.In a room to the north is the MOTORBIKE in a locked garage.Shoot the vases near the garage to find explosive crossbow ammo and a small medpak.Lara will return here toward the end of the level, but for now return via the stairs and archway to the lagoon.


Lagoon. Jump back in the water and turn right (south) and swim through an opening under the building.Immediately turn left and make for the small quay where you can climb out and shoot the crocodile that pursues you.Shoot the vase on the nearby sand ledge.


Now you can swim toward the other end of this small channel, picking up a small medpak and, just around the corner, THE DIAMOND OF THE NIL.Turn back and dodge the crocodile thatís waiting to chomp you.Swim back through the opening into the lagoon with the boat.If the croc follows you, climb out and take care of him with the weapon of your choice.


In the NW corner of the lagoon is a small fissure leading into another pool.Once through, swim past the building, make a right and head for the archway in the wall to the east, where Lara can climb out.Turn and shoot the crocodile that chases you (NOTE: You can climb out on the ramp to the west, but then you have to deal with the crocodile and an armed baddie simultaneously).Then, turn and deal with the crocodile in the pool on the other side of the archway.


Now swim over to the landing by the closed gate.Behind it is the other DIAMOND, but you have some more work to do before getting it.Shoot the vase above on the sand bank.The gate at the back of the courtyard where you began is now open, so youíll need to head back.On the way, though, make a small detour for a Secret.


Head back through the archway between the 2 pools.Make a left and swim in the narrow channel between the yellow building and a quay with a stone bench.As you go, keep your eye out for a small opening at the foot of the building that you can swim through.Inside, climb on to the landing.Angle a running jump to the ladder across the room.Climb up, then do a rolling back flip and grab the ladder behind.Move left and around the corner on the ladder until you reach its end.Do a rolling back flip with a grab to the platform behind you and pick up Secret #2: a large medpak& revolver ammo.Dive back in the water and return to the first courtyard.


Courtyard with the Burning Pedestal.As you enter, a hound attacks from the left.Take care of him and head through the small doorway in the corner.Deal with another hound that sneaks up from the right as you enter.


Using the blocks, begin climbing and jumping until you reach a darkened balcony above.Grab the grenadegun super ammo on the block to the right of the dark doorway.Then head through the door and to the right.Activate the reach-in switch at the corridorís end to open the gate blocking the second DIAMOND.At the other end of the corridor, you can look through a locked gate at the rooftop, but you canít open it.So return the way you came and go fetch the gem.


Courtyard with Land Rover.Once you have the second DIAMOND OF THE NIL in hand, use the 2 gems to open the carved stone door in the courtyard with the Land Rover.An armed baddie and a hound wait inside to ambush Lara.A bat will also pester you.So clear the area of enemies and pick up the flares near the south wall.The vase on top of the low wall at the back right also contains blue shotgun shells.


Now jump on the block by the north wall and activate the reach-in switch to extinguish the flame on the pedestal in the first courtyard.You can now retrieve the GATE KEY there.


Courtyard with Bull Statues.With the key in hand, head back past the Land

Rover to the courtyard at the far north.In the columned depression, pick up the normal crossbow ammo and the grenadegun super ammo.Now deal with the armed baddie who lurks below in the courtyard.Use the GATE KEY to open the gate at the back of the courtyard.Be prepared to blast the crocodile that waits on the other side.


Hop in the fountain pool and swim into the small opening to the south.Climb out at the end of the channel to find the CROWBAR on one side and small medpak and Uzi clips on the other.Now itís time to pick up some goodies and another Secret.Head back to the first courtyard and climb back up to the dark hallway with the reach-in switch.You can now open the gate using the CROWBAR.


Atop the Walls.As you emerge through the gate, notice the large medpak ahead in the distance.Make your way over and get it.Now return to the rooftop by the gate and continue south to the wall over the first courtyard.Look into the small courtyard in the back to see the revolver ammo atop a column.Get it, and jump to another column by the wall at the back of the courtyard.Pick up the Uzi clips.Climb onto the wall.Behind the wall and below to the right lies Secret #3: grenadegun flash ammo.At the other end of the narrow conduit you will find more Uzi clips.


Small Courtyard with Sloping Block.Head back to the lagoon and swim again through the small fissure In the NW corner.This time, get out on the ramp and enter another small courtyard guarded by and armed baddie.Take care of him and pick up the red shotgun shells he drops.Behind the sloping block is another gate that Lara can open with the CROWBAR.But first, climb the block by the small door, and then angle a jump/grab up to the higher block in the SW corner.Pick up a small medpak and activate the reach-in switch to open a second gate inside the passageway below.Jump down and shoot the crocodile that charges in.Open the gate using the CROWBAR and pick up another GATE KEY inside.


Blue-Carpeted Hallway.Run up the blue-carpeted stairs, but stop as you turn the corner to avoid sliding into the firetrap.Before jumping across, turn and look up to find a small alcove containing Secret #4: red shotgun shells, Uzi clips and small medpak.Afterwards, make a running jump across the firetrap to the slanted block, continue to hold the ďjumpĒ to clear the next firetrap and then grab the block ahead and pull up.One more standing jump/grab across a third firetrap puts you in the upper hallway.


Jump the deep pit and move beyond the slightly sloping square.After a second,

a boulder falls behind you, revealing an opening in the ceiling.Go back and climb up to get the GOLDEN STAR there.Now continue back down the hallway over the second pit and through the door at the end.Shoot 2 hounds loitering on the terrace and place the GOLDEN STAR in the receptacle at the far end.


Cloister with Large Iron Gate.When you place the star, you hear a gate open below.Looking down from the terrace, youíll spot 2 demon hounds waiting below.Finish them off from the safety of the terrace if you like.Drop down and find the MOTORCYCLE waiting behind the newly opened gates.Before you can use it, youíll have to open the large iron gates across the way.


Now move toward the large iron gates.As you approach, look for the dark underground passage on the right.Enter the underground passage and open the gate with your CROWBAR.Climb the ladder to the room above.


White Tiled Room.Begin by climbing over the wall that is to your right as you enter the room.On the other side, shoot 2 bats and then open the gate near the flame with your CROWBAR.Enter and drop down into the trough to your left to retrieve Secret #5: revolver ammo + Uzi clips.


Now, position Lara at the bottom of the ramp, just to the right of the centerline.Run about halfway up and stop as 2 boulders begin to descend, the left one slightly ahead of the right.The moment the left one has passed, do a left jump to avoid the second one.Now ascend to the top and use your GATE KEY to open the gate.Drop down inside and shoot the vase.


Return to the main room and climb over the wall on the other side, Shoot a couple more pesky bats, then open the gate near the flame.Repeat the climb up the ramp exactly as before and shoot the vase at the top.You can now return to the main room and pick up the 2 DIAMONDS OF THE NIL (the second gate will open as you pick up the first gem).


Place the fist gem in its receptacle on the north side (right side as you entered the room).Donít linger on the blue tile as a boulder comes rolling down from behind.Cross the room and place the second gem in its receptacle to the south.Again, beware of the boulder.


Turn right and climb the short wall, then up to the higher block.Turn around and climb to the next ledge above (with the black & white tiles).Pick up the small medpak, and then return to the higher block below.Look for a gap in the wall opposite and do a jump/grab to it.Shimmy left and pull up in the alcove for some blue shotgun shells, then continue to shimmy to the left until Lara can pull up into the next hallway.Make note of the locked door on your right, then run down the hallway and around the corner.Jump the gap (the boulders wonít fall unless you touch the blue squares at the bottom).


Continue down to the end of the corridor, shooting 2 more bats along the way.You have found the second GOLDEN STAR but it is still locked away.Drop down and shimmy left to an alcove to retrieve another GATE KEY.Jump to the ledge opposite and pick up the flares.Now return to the south end of the upper hallway and use the GATE KEY to open the gate.Activate the reach-in switch to open the gate guarding the GOLDEN STAR.With the STAR in hand, make your way back to the cloister outside.


Cloister with Large Iron Gate. Return to the room with the MOTORCYCLE and place the second GOLDEN STAR in its receptacle.Get on the bike and ride toward the large iron gates, which are now open.Stop as you enter and line yourself up for a straight run up the slope ahead.Hit the gas and donít let up as you clear the jump above.On the other side, continue to accelerate until you have made it over the second jump.


Area with the Deep Pit and Maze.Climb off the bike and look over the pit to the west.Jump to the block jutting out over the pit.Turn around to face east and do a safety drop off of the block to the pit below.Light a flare and find the short block to climb on.In a small well on the other side, pick up the revolver ammo.Climb back up, then up to the next landing where you must activate the reach-in switch to open a gate back in the maze.


Climb up to the next landing, and then use the ivy on the wall to ascend to the white sandstone block above.Make a running jump back to the first block and the area where you left the bike.


Now enter the maze.As you turn the first corner, 2 hounds lunge at Lara.A moment later, a third will come around the corner.After dealing with them, go the end of the first alleyway and turn left.Find the opening at the end and climb up.Use the ivy on the wall on the other side to climb down into the deep pit.Light a flare and pick up Secret #6: crossbow explosive ammo + grenadegun normal ammo.


Climb back up the ivy-covered wall and head toward the east of the small maze, staying to the left.Pick up the DIAMOND in an alcove and place it in the receptacle in the next alcove to open the last gate.Head through the gateway and down the slope to end the level.