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The Temple of Osiris


Note: Make sure you have the GARDEN’S KEY from the previous level before starting.


Run forward and climb up into a small room. Get the red JEWEL OF ANUBIS by shooting the ninja.  Pull the lever in the alcove by the grate in the floor.  From where Lara entered the room make a jump/grab to the crawlspace above the corridor.  Drop out on the other side and jump back (If the demon hound pushes Lara forward under the crawlspace, the stone behind will block her path.  You will have to return to the tile in front of the lever to clear the path again and go back through the crawlspace).  Shoot the hound and return toward the pool where you left the previous level.  Find the receptacle near the pool and insert the JEWEL.  Return to the small room above and go left to find another lever,  Pull it to open the door to the next room.


Large Chamber with White Stone Ladder.   Look down and take note of the water opening which is covered by a grate, as well as the fire burning at the base of the ladder.  Jump to the ladder and climb to the top.  Turn and do a simple jump/grab to the crack in the wall opposite.  Shimmy left and around the corner and drop down.  Push the button with the carved stone face (the one to the far left).  Using the crack in the wall, shimmy back around to the ledge where Lara entered.  A skeleton attacks, so take care of it with the best weapon you have available.


Jump to the new platform that has opened up atop the pillar toward the north end of the room, then to the small opening in the north wall.  Crawl through to the next room.


Room with 5 Buttons and 5 Trap Doors.  Push the button to the right as Lara enters, which opens the trap door by the ladder.  Find the button on the north side of the central column.  When you push it the trap door opens, dropping Lara to a sloping block below.  As she hits the block, immediately do a jump/roll/grab to the ladder behind to avoid sliding into the flame.  Use the ladder to climb back up.  Go through the newly opened door on the west wall and up the stairs.  Around the corner, shoot the hound and pull the lever to open the door at the end of the corridor.  Return to the large chamber.


Large Chamber with White Stone Ladder.  The water opening below is now clear.  Jump again to the ladder and climb to the top.  Look for the trap door in the floor and open it.  Let Lara fall through and into the water opening below. 


Water Tunnels Beneath the Large Chamber.  Swim forward and open the door straight ahead (note the door with the face to the right, as you’ll return here).  Shortly past the door is an alcove to the right – pull the overhead lever.  Continue down the water tunnel.  Open the next door and find the alcove to the right shortly afterwards.  Pull the overhead lever, then continue to the opening at the end of the water passage.  Shoot a bat after climbing out and look to your left for a small button on the wall.  Push the button, pick up a small medpak nearby, and then return through the water tunnel to the door with the face near the beginning.  Follow this new passage until emerging at the opening.  Climb out and shoot the hound then dispatch the skeleton that approaches from the south. 


Large Chamber with White Stone Ladder.  Head north and find the button on the column to open a grate by the north wall.  Standing at the north side of the open shaft, drop in and hang from the edge.  Drop and grab the switch below to raise a block elsewhere.  From the bottom of the shaft, face the west side and jump and grab the crawlspace above.


Follow this tunnel, making sure not to fall in the first fire pit.  Slightly further along is another fire pit.  To clear it, hang on to the very top of the short ladder and do a back flip/roll and grab to the edge at the other side.  Pull up and prepare to shoot the demon hound that emerges from the end of the tunnel.  At the end to the left is Secret #1: a GOLDEN STAR.  Use the crowbar to get it , then return the way you came.


After climbing out of the shaft, head all the way to the SW corner of the room and climb the ladder to the landing above.  Shoot the scorpion then use the low block to jump to the higher one and retrieve the GATE KEY.  Climb back down and use the KEY  to open the gate below.  Pull the lever inside.  Exit and go around the corner to the left to find a second lever.  Pull it to re-open the grate over the central water opening.  Follow the water tunnel back to the room at the other end.


Room with Toxic Pool.  Open the small door in the south wall and climb the poll inside, doing a back flip to the opening at the top, where a skeleton will attack.  Do running jump across the gap and push the button on the other side.  Pick up the Uzi clips nearby and return to the room below.  Standing on the newly raised block, jump over the banister to the platform on the east.  Pick up the blue shotgun shells and continue north jumping to the landing at the other side.  A scorpion and golden phoenix  will attack.  After dealing with them, pick up the AFTET EFFIGY that floats above the pedestal.


Use the crowbar to open the gate, and climb up the short blocks in the hallway inside.  At the top, turn and j ump to grab the ladder overhead and climb up.  At the top, push the large face button to the left.  Shoot the ninja that comes charging in.  Before exiting, drop down and pull the switch in the shaft with the ladder.  A cut scene shows and Isis Door opening .  Before Lara can reach it, you’ll need to return to the room with the 5 buttons and 5 trap doors, using the same route as before. 


But first, make a small detour for a Secret.  Go back down the hall toward the room with the toxic pool, watching for a new opening in the ceiling.  Jump and grab the lip of the opening.  Follow the passage to the end and enter a crawlspace.  When you reach the grate, turn right and go until Lara can stand.  Facing south, climb over the block and push the button on the other side to open the grate.  Crawl back out and into the water to find Secret #2: grenadegun normal ammo.  Swim up through the pool as the water had cleared.


Head back through the gate and up the ladder to exit.  Make your way back to the room with the 5 buttons and trap doors.


Room with 5 Buttons and 5 Trap Doors.   This time push the button on the west side of the central column.  Again, the trap door opens, so when Lara hits the sloping block below, immediately do a jump/roll/grab to the ladder.  When Lara approaches the exit ladder, a cut scene shows the room outside filled with water.  Exit through the crawl space and drop into the water.


Large Chamber with White Stone Ladder (now filled with water).  First, swim over to the bottom of the central ladder and pick up the telescopic sight from the now extinguished fire grate.  Swim up to the nearby balcony with the  balustrade and climb out of the water.  Head through the open Isis Door and shoot the demon hound that bounds toward Lara.  Halfway down the corridor, high on the wall to the right, is a switch.  Pull it and return to the large room, making note of the crawlspace opening high on the west wall of the corridor as you exit.

Swim to the balcony in the SW corner of the room.  Go through the newly opened Isis Door. 


Spike Hallway.  Around the corner is a series of slides and jumps over spikes that must be timed exactly to succeed. 


Begin sliding down the first slope.  The INSTANT the music starts, do a forward jump, holding the “jump” key to extend it and clear the spikes.  Slide to very nearly the bottom of the next slope and forward jump over the spikes to reach the third slope.  Immediately jump forward and grab the pole.  While holding the pole, it might be a good time to save your game in case you miss the back flip into the room above.


Room with Burning Oil Pool.  The trick here is to get to one of the platforms on either side of the central column AND jump off it before the flames ignite the pool and the platforms.  It helps to hit the “look” key after jumping toward the pool so that it’s easier to find your way.  Once you jump one of the platforms, Lara will need to hop back and forth between the sloping sides, arcing toward the end of the room until she lands safely on the low center platform.


Activate the reach-in switch near where she lands and the one on the raised platform to the west (the other is a spike trap).  Now facing back toward the pool, make a running jump to the flaming grate to the left of the column.  Lara will catch fire, so jump in the pool to put it out (it’s safe now).  Swim through the open door and up to the opening above.  Return via the room with the toxic pool and the water tunnel to the main room.


Swim back to the central balcony where you saw the crawl space in the wall.  Use the raised block that is now there to climb in.  Pull the switch and watch the flyby to see where to go next.  Make your way to the rooftop and collect the red shotgun shells along the way.


On the Rooftops.  As you emerge from the door, notice the gate to the left.  Lara can’t open it yet, but will return later.  Go to the right through the opening in the wall.  Shoot the demon hound that charges from the left, then continue on to the right and around the next corner.  At the far end of the courtyard, enter the arched doorway in the yellowish wall.  Be prepared to shoot the ninja that lurks there and pick up the JEWEL OF ANUBIS that he drops.


Back in the large courtyard, there are two alcoves in the north wall.  Enter the closer one and use the crowbar to open the gate.  Pull the jump switch inside to open the gate in the next alcove.  Go into the next alcove and insert the JEWEL OF ANUBIS in its receptacle.  This opens the Isis Door across the courtyard.  Inside, find the ladder and climb up to the ramparts.


Next make a running jump/grab to the rampart across the courtyard to the north.  Turn left and jump over the gap.  A fixed camera will make the next step a little awkward.  Follow the rampart to its western end, near the second alcove.  Turn to the south and do a running jump/grab back across the courtyard to find Secret #3:  blue shotgun ammo.  Make your way back to the rampart at the top of the ladder.


This time do a running jump/grab to the landing to the east and crawl into the gap in the wall.  On the other side, look down and notice the slope leading into a poison pool.  Getting past it is a bit tricky, so save your game just in case.  Crawl backwards out of the gap and hang from the edge.  Move as far left as possible.  Let go and immediately hold the “jump” and “roll” keys together.  As soon as Lara jumps and rolls, hit the “right direction” key so that she lands to the right of the pool (NOTE: Lara can also drop and slide backward on the slope below, doing a back flip at the last instant before falling in the pool and landing on the other side, but the timing must be exact).


Large Courtyard with Central Tower.  Head left and start making your way around the tower.  Shoot the demon hound and continue on around the corner and past a fountain.  Now you’ll have both a skeleton and a ninja to deal with.  The ninja will drop a set of GATE KEYS.  Pick them up and continue to the far end of the courtyard.  Find the switch high on the west wall and pull it to open the gate near where Lara entered the rooftops before.


Now head all the way back around the tower to the staircase in the NW corner.  On the side of the staircase is a button to open the door at the top.  Head up the stairs and back in to the rooftop courtyard.  Make your way back to where you entered and go through the newly opened gate.


Around the corner is a shallow window well.  Pull the lever inside to open a door back to the courtyard with the tower.  Then open the gate on the south wall using the GATE KEY.  Jump in and Lara lands on a sloping block.  Grab the edge and move right and climb up onto the balcony.


Large Chamber with White Stone Ladder.  Blast the skeleton that charges up, then follow the balcony to its end and pick up the revolver on the tile with the face.  Back near the Isis Door, Lara will have to make a running jump over the sloping block to the pedestal with the column.  In a series of trenches behind the columns along the east wall, Lara must step on three more “face tiles” to open the Isis Door.  Return and enter through the open Isis Door.


Inside, jump and grab the crevice on the left and shimmy right.  When Lara reaches the ladder, do a simple back flip into the opening behind.  Follow the passage, climbing to a window overlooking another room with some ceramic jars.  Using the revolver with telescopic sight, shoot the three vases (position Lara to the right and left side of the opening to see all three). 


Return below and jump back to the ladder.  Lara can now shimmy all the way to the right and around the corner.  Drop down and notice the closed iron gate in the next room.  Back in the dark hallway Lara just came from is a crawlspace high on the wall.  Go in and activate the reach in switch at the end.  Get out before the spikes pop up.


Four Moveable Blocks Puzzle.  The object of the puzzle is to move the four blocks out of the gated room and into the alcoves on the south wall so that the designs on the blocks match the designs on the wall.  The trick is that Lara must maneuver all the blocks into position BEFORE sliding them into their alcoves (Because sliding them in causes pillars to rise around the room, pushing one in can block Lara from moving others into position, and sliding the block back out does not make the pillars drop back down.  You must slide the block out AND back in to lower the pillar, then repeat this to raise it again).


Once all the blocks are in place, Lara can use the newly raised pillars to pull the 3 overhead switches and open the large blue doors.


Room with Large Spike Pit and Rafters Overhead.  As Lara enters the next room, a stone column rises in the NE corner.  Mind the large spike pit directly ahead.  Find the lever in the NE corner and pull it to reveal one last overhead switch in the previous room (look on the south wall).  First though, stand on the nearby short pillar and angle a jump to the higher one.  From there, jump and pull one more switch on the east wall to raise another stone column next to the first (where the short pillar stood before).


Now return to the previous room and pull the new switch on the south wall.  Pulling it drops a rope above the spike pit that Lara can use to return to the top of the stone column.  From there, jump to the second, higher column.  Lara can now reach the catwalk above.  Notice the brick ladder leading to a closed door.  Make your way to the south end of the catwalk to pick up some Uzi clips.  Go north end and jump to the crawl space above and to the left.  At the other end, look to the top of the central tower in the courtyard to see a window with a blue light flashing from behind it.  Crouching in the crawlspace, and using the revolver with telescopic sight, shoot the window and hear a door opening nearby.  It is the door at the top of the brick ladder, so back out of the crawlspace and make your way there.


As Lara enters the passageway at the top of the ladder, the door shuts behind her.  Proceed around the corner and look for the opening in the ceiling.  Climb up, then climb to the platform above the opening (north side) to find a lever.  Pull it to drop a rope outside.  Make your way out to the small landing above the courtyard and use the rope to swing over to the iron grate high on the central tower.  Climb in and take STONE OF ISIS from the pedestal.   A cut scene shows another door opening back above the catwalk.


Drop back and grab the edge.  Drop and slide and grab the next edge.  Climb up and back flip to the pillar behind.  Do a running jump to the higher pillar against the south wall, then climb to the small landing.  Turn and do a running jump/grab to the balcony with the blue banister.  Shoot the demon hound around the corner and pull the lever on the back of the block to re-open the door above the brick ladder.  Make your way back to the catwalk.


Standing on the east arm of the catwalk, you’ll need to arrange a slightly tricky running jump/grab to the new opening.  Once inside, monkey swing to the other side of the fire pit (start sliding toward the pit and immediately jump and grab overhead).  Pull the lever and watch the flyby to see the Isis Door at the base of the central tower outside is now open.  Monkey swing back and exit via the door at the top of the brick ladder.


Large Courtyard with Central Tower.  Place the STONE OF ISIS in the niche inside the open Isis Door.  Minding the spike pit, exit and make your way via the staircase in the NW corner back to the rooftop area.  Go through the Isis Door there and return to the narrow gap above the poison pool where Lara first entered the large courtyard. Crouching in the gap, look up to see the window high in the west face of the tower.  Now with the revolver with telescopic sight in hand, Lara can shoot the window.  Return to the courtyard by any means you choose and make your way to the SW corner.


Using the blocks and the ladder, climb to the alcove at the top of the west face of the tower and take the STONE OF ISIS.  Safety drop back to the courtyard below.  Save your game and jump into the pool (which is now clear).  Enter the narrow passage in the SW corner of the pool and pull the overhead lever.  Immediately turn and swim out an to the right and climb out of the pool as quickly as possible as a boulder crashes down and the pool again fills with poison. 


Go through the newly opened Isis Door and place the STONE OF ISIS in the niche inside.  Now, go to the garden gate at the north end of the courtyard.  Use the GARDEN KEY in the lock to the right of the door to open it.


Inner Courtyard with Fountains.  As you enter, shoot the scorpion and the demon hound.  Continue north through the arched doorway where another scorpion and 2 wild pigs will greet Lara.  Open the door on the west wall and shoot the bat and wild pig inside.  In the NW corner of the room is a switch high on the wall.  Pull it and then cross the courtyard to the east side.  Open the door there and deal with the skeleton inside (note: if you don’t have the grenadegun, open the trap door in the floor and blast the  skeleton into the shaft).  Find the lever in the SW corner of the room and pull it.  Now find the trap door at the other end of the room and open it.  On the east side of the shaft is an opening to a passage leading to Secret #4: large medpak.


After getting the secret, head back into the courtyard and shoot the golden phoenix that waits there.  Head back through the arched doorway and to the left.  The other garden gate is now open, leading to a short maze. A series of  4 left turns will lead Lara to some grenadegun ammo.  After that, find your way through the short maze to a small door in the south wall (there are 2 fire pits in the maze, so beware).  Open the door and shoot a ninja that lurks inside.  Climb the brick pillar and make a running jump/grab to the small opening in the east wall.  Crawl through and stand on the ornate tile to trigger a block in the fire pit outside.


Back outside, slide nearly to the bottom of the slope in front of the fire grate then forward jump to the block ahead.  Make your way around to the end of the maze.  The fixed camera makes the next part a little tricky.  A slope ends at a small fire pit.  Above it is an opening. Save your game, and then position Lara near the mid-point of the slope with her left arm touching the wall with the iron grate. Lara should look at the camera. Make a right jump and hold the jump button and then grab the lip of the opening above.


Room with Wooden Crates.  To one side is a wall of crates.  Begin by pulling then pushing the one in the lower left as far back as possible.  Pull and push the crate behind it as far back as you can.  Directly ahead in the next small room is a third moveable crate.  Pull and  push it all the way back to the first 2.   Pull the final moveable crate TWO squares.   After pulling the 4th crate, climb up on the crate to Lara’s right, then jump and climb the bricks to the gap above.  Crawl ahead until Lara can stand.  Slide down to the flat part of the roof,  then head back the other direction and look for the switch high on the wall to the right.


Jump back through the opening in the roof into the crate room.  Head west into the last room in this area.  Climb on the crate, and facing east, jump and climb the brick wall to the high rooftop..  Turn to face the central tower and use the revolver with telescopic sight to shoot the window there.  Look carefully between the rooftop and the tower to find the almost invisible column that has appeared.  Make running jump to it followed by a running jump/grab to the grate under the alcove in the tower.  Grab the STONE OF ISIS and safety drop back to the courtyard below.


You’ll need to return to the crate room, but the garden gate has closed.  Standing with Lara’s back to the Isis Door (and facing north), do a running jump across the fire pit and grab the invisible column on the other side.  Climb to the top and do a running jump and grab to the brick wall opposite.  Climb back to the high rooftop.  and down to the crate room to find the stone door with the carved face open, revealing a small alcove.  To open the third Isis Door outside, push the 4th crate all the way into this alcove.  Exit by climbing back to the roof and safety dropping to the courtyard below.


Large Courtyard with Central Tower.   Place the last STONE OF ISIS in the niche inside the Isis Door to open the final door on the east side of the tower.  Go through the eastern door and pick up the AFTET TALSIMAN from the pedestal.  A trap door opens in the floor behind Lara.  Drop into the opening and slide down the ramp.  At the bottom, immediately jump left or right to avoid the boulder that follows Lara down the ramp.  2 golden phoenixes await Lara in this small room, so deal with them next.  At the top of the stairs is an altar.  Standing before the alter, combine the AFTET EFFIGY with the AFTET TALISMAN . 




Place the AMULET OF OSIRIS on the altar.  A cut scene shows blue energy being emitted from the surrounding columns.   The trap door under Lara’s feet opens and Lara disappears down the shaft.


End of Level.