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Secrets: 6


NOTE: NW = northwest, SE = southeast, etc.


Room with Red-Patterned Columns.Pick up blue shotgun shells in the NE corner.Notice the puzzle receptacle to the left of the door in the north wall.Laraís first objective is to find the piece that fits there.There are 2 alternatives for doing this:


ALTERNATIVE1: On the east wall are 3 buttons.Push the one on the left and the one right Ė leave the middle one untouched.Now turn and go to the west side of the room.At the base of the column in the middle is another button. Push it.You have now raised 3 iron columns over the flames by the west wall.Climb to the one in the NW corner and use a series of jumps to reach the red-patterned column in the SW corner and pick up the EARTH KEY.


ALTERNATIVE 2:If you feel like a fight, press only the MIDDLE button on the east wall.2 black-and-green clad ninjas attack Lara.Send them to the next life and one will drop the EARTH KEY as he expires.


Once you have the key, place it in the receptacle.A tremor erupts, up heaving the room behind you.Run to the SE corner and find the WATER KEY.Make your way to the SW corner of the room.Donít step on the grate in the newly created pool or Lara will have a long, and ultimately unpleasant, fall.Climb the rocks in the SW corner and find the receptacle for the WATER KEY.Placing the key fills the tunnel in the pool with water, allowing a crocodile to escape.Shoot the varmint and head down the water tunnel.


Water Tunnel.First, head straight down and pick up the flares.Now swim down the tunnel heading to the south and climb out at the end.As you ascend the stairs, be prepared for another ninja ambush.Continue to the top and climb out.To the east is a deep, dark pit.Look in carefully to find a block to which Lara can drop (light a flare if necessary).Continue down to the bottom of the pit and find Secret #1: grenadegun flash ammo.Climb back out of the pit.Thereís no way to cross it, so head back down the stairs.


When you turn the last corner of the stairs, look up to see a dark alcove above the entrance to the water tunnel.Arrange a running jump/grab to the alcove and pick up the shotgun + red shotgun shells.At the back of the alcove, activate the reach-in switch.A cut scene shows an iron box rising in the pit outside.Head back up the stairs and to the pit.


Outside by the Deep Pits.Standing on the newly raised platform, arrange a running jump + grab to the opposite side of the pit.Turn left and go around the corner into small channel in the sand.Shoot a scorpion and pick up the flares at the end.Climb to a small opening in the dunes to find yourself above another deep pit.

Use the columns below to safely descend to the bottom.At the east and west ends are 2 tunnel entrances.The one to the west is blocked, so head down in to the other.As you head down the tunnel, notice the small gold statue behind the gate on your right.Continue down the tunnel into the next level.





Secrets: 2



Large Lava Room.As Lara enters, a block rises to her left and a flyby shows the room below: ledges, switches, ropesÖ.and lots of bubbling lava at the bottom.This puzzle can be solved different ways; here is one.


Begin by turning right and using the rope to swing to the ledge on the south wall,†† Above the first raised platform, activate the reach-in switch to raise a block along the east wall.Now WALK off the other side of platform and stop.A gauntlet of spikes pops up from the floor ahead at timed intervals.To cross it, youíll need to carefully time a SPRINT to the other side.Start from just off the raised platform and begin running when the spikes pop up.Press and hold the sprint key (/) to clear the spikes In time.


On the other side is another reach-in switch above a short raised platform.This switch raises a block in the NE part of the room.At the end of the ledge, turn and face north.Jump to the first raised block, then to the ledge with the lever.Pull it to raise a green block on the west wall.Now do a running jump to the gray block on the north wall ahead, and a second running jump up to the next ledge with a lever.Pushing the lever raises a second green block and lowers a third below, allowing access to the next switch.


Make a long running jump to the top of the raised green blocks on the west wall below.Do not push the next lever on the edge above yet (or you will miss several pickups and a Secret).Instead, turn toward the structure in the center of the room and make a long running jump down to it.Drop to the sandy landing inside and pick up the crossbow normal ammo.Look south for a ladder and an opening in the wall.Make a running jump + grab to the ladder above the opening.With Lara dangling at the bottom of this ladder, let go and the grab the ledge of the opening below.Inside, activate the reach-in switch to raise a walkway around the perimeter of the room.It also fills the bottom of the central structure behind you with sand.So jump back down, shoot the scorpion and pick up a small medpak + Uzi clips.


Climb back into the opening and make a running jump to the new walkway below.Shoot the hound that waits there.Turn left and run to the east side of the room.Pick up the revolver ammo and shoot another hound that comes running.Head to the north and look for the dark entrance to an alcove in the north wall.Activate the reach-in switch to open the gate on the south wall.Continue around to the west and the raised block with the jeweled chain.Pull the chain, which raises a gray block in the SW corner of the room.As you leave the blcok, shoot a couple of bats that pester Lara.


Now head to the open door in the south wall and Secret #1.Pick up the large medpak, then step onto the left side of the ramp.When the spiked ball falls, quicklyrun to the right to avoid it.Run up the right side of the ramp a bit to trigger a second spiked ball.Jump to the left so it misses Lara.Now you can safely pick up the

small medpak and crossbow explosive ammo.


You can now exit by the door at the top of the ramp or, more easily, the way you came in.As you exit the lower door, shoot the hound outside.Turn right and head to the blocks in the SW corner of the room.Climb until you reach the ledge level with the central structure and make a running jump across to it.Climb to the highest block atop this structure.Lara must now make her way back to the switch on the west wall (the one that she left alone earlier).This can be done by using the rope to swing across and then making a couple of jumps or by going back around the perimeter ledges as before.


Either way, get Lara to the switch and push it.A flyby shows the central structure filling with sand.Unseen, the gray block obstructing the last switch above disappears.Jump to the platform behind, turn and then jump up and grab the ledge above and pull up.Push the final switch to reveal another opening in the east wall of the central structure.From the south end of this ledge, Lara can make a long running jump to the central structure (with the loss of just a bit of health).


Shoot the scorpion running around inside, then drop in and enter the new opening.Pull the chain to open the gate in the wall opposite and make a running jump/grab to the opening.


Small Yellow Lava Room.As you turn the corner, shoot 2 scorpions and find yourself facing a golden receptacle.To the left of it, pick up the red shotgun shells.Turn and go toward the closed gate and right into a sloping room.Look down the slope to see the spike pit below.Lara will have to run down, chased by 2 spiked balls and jump over the spike pit to escape.If you stop just on the other side of the spike pit, you can take a moment to plan your next move.A couple steps further and Lara begins to slide toward a lava pit so youíll have to think fast.Either way youíll to arrange a jump down to the gray footpath below to the left.


When you land there, shoot a couple of bothersome bats. Ascend to the platform against the south wall and use the rope to swing over to the landing to the east.Shoot another bat and enter the opening in the wall to find a lever.Push the lever to drop another rope outside.A long running jump should just make back to the footpath below.Stand below the new rope and jump up to grab it.Use the rope to swing up and in to the opening above on the north wall.


Switch and Block Puzzle.The solution to this puzzle is as follows:Ignore the first lever you see as you enter.Instead climb through an opening in the ceiling up to a upper hallway and follow it to the end.Drop down and pull the chain.This opens the first gate back by the first lever.Go back and, still ignoring the first lever, go past it to find a second lever.Shoot the scorpion that comes around the corner, and then push the second lever.This opens a door back by the chain and lowers a block upstairs.


Return to the upper hallway and make an immediate right into a newly opened passage.Follow it to the end and drop down.Activate the reach-in switch there to open a gate leading back to the first 2 levers.Now return and push the first lever that you have ignored up to now.This opens the next gate in the lower hallway and raises a block closing off the upper hallway.Follow the lower hallway around the corner to the left to reach the next lever.Push the lever to open a second upper hallway back at the beginning.


Return to the starting point and pull up into the new upper hallway on the south side of the opening in the ceiling.Push the fourth lever, which is inside.This opens the last gate in the lower hallway by the chain.Head back there and shoot the scorpion along the way.At the end Lara can pick up THE SACRED HOURGLASS.Now make your way back to the lava room and jump to the footpath.



Small Yellow Lava Room.Use the rope again to swing to the landing against the south wall.Below, at the east end of the room is a small gray landing by the wall.Make a running jump to get Lara there.Jump and grab the top of the wall and pull up.Go around the green block to find a the receptacle for the SACRED HOURGLASS.Placing it fills the room behind with sand and raises a footpath.3 demonic hounds also have appeared, so take care of them.


As Lara steps onto the newly raised footpath, look to the left and right to see 2 openings that are now accessible.Enter the opening to the left and carefully WALK toward the back.Spikes will pop up as Lara approaches the corner.Once they have activated it is safe to pass and find CARTOUCHE PIECE #1.


Cross the room now and enter the other opening.Poison darts guard this corridor.At the end is CARTOUCHE PIECE #2.


Now since a forest of lethal spikes block the entrance where you came into this room, Lara will have to find another way out.Look back toward the statue where you placed THE SACRED HOURGLASS.The green block in front of it has disappeared to reveal another lever.Pull the lever and a flyby reveals the location of the exit.Make your way there and climb the ladder to the landing above.As you enter the hallway, turn right to see a green block rising to close an opening.Go to the end of the hall and activate the reach-in switch to open a gate above.


Now climb to the upper hallway and activate the reach-in switch there to lower the green block below.Head back down, shooting the scorpion at the bottom of the stairs. Go into the opening where the green block was and find the reach-in switch to open the last gate above.Climb back up, but have a weapon ready to shoot the hound that charges Lara as she turns the corner.Head down the torch lit stairwell and shoot another hound that comes bounding up the stairs.Continue to the bottom and then drop into the hall near the door to the large lava room where you started.


Combine the 2 CARTOUCHE PIECES and place them in the receptacle to open the gate to the right.Proceed down the newly opened passage.As you approach, another gate ahead opens.To your left is another golden receptacle, to the right an EYEPIECE behind a closed gate.Go ahead to the top the end of the corridor. The gate closes behind you.


Spike Ball Room.Notice the ramps coming down from the sides of the room, the first immediately as you enter.†† Slide or jump into the room as spiked balls come rolling down the first ramps. Quickly approach the second ramps and stop just long enough to let a spiked ball roll past.As soon as it clears the footpath Lara is on run ahead past the second ramp or a spiked ball will flatten you from behind.Without stopping, continue running past the third ramp and the spiked ball should miss Lara there.Approach the last ramp and wait for an opportunity to jump past it when the spiked ball is out of the way.Go through the doorway as the gate shuts behind you.


Sloping Block and Lava Room.Ignore the lever for now and head past the torch to the back of this small room.Find an opening in the ceiling in the corner and jump to grab the ladder and climb to the next room.Jump and pull up on the raised blockdirectly by the top of the ladder.Facing to the north, angle a running jump to the far sloping block (the one that slants down toward the east).Slide and jump to the next sloping block, then to a third and finally up to level ground.Look left to see the BA CARTOUCHE on a column in the corner of the room.Make a running jump to get it.


When Lara picks up the CARTOUCHE, a flyby shows the room filling with sand.As the flyby ends, the column Lara is standing on collapses.Pull out a weapon to shoot the hound that charges up.Jump over a short sand bank to the west side of the room and shoot the hound and scorpion there.Continue back to the opening in the floor where you entered.Before going down the ladder, jump to the other side of the opening and push the lever there to raise the gate below.


Back down in the small room, activate the reach-in switch and push the lever.This raises two new columns back out in the Spike Ball Room ( with levers atop).



Spike Ball Room.Walk back through the gate to the Spike Ball Room and stop on the first square.Wait for one more spiked ball to come crashing down in front of Lara.Jump over the hole in the footpath and find the first lever on the column to the left.Make a running jump/grab there and push the lever (NOTE: Lra will have to shimmy to the very outer edge of the column before pulling up in order to be in a position to push the lever). Jump back to the footpath below.Jump over the next hole, making your way back toward the entrance to the room.Find a second switch atop a column to the right.Make your way up to push the switch and then return to the footpath.


The gate guarding the EYEPIECE in the corridor outside is now open.Lara will have to make a long running jump to clear the slope leading back to this passage.Once you have the EYEPIECE in hand, place the BA CARTOUCHE in the nearby receptacle to open the gate in the corner of the small room at the other end of the Spike Ball Room.


Make your way back across the Spike Ball Room to the small room at the other end.As you enter, turn left and find another opening in the ceiling.Climb the ladder to the room above.Make a running jump/grab over the left side of the spike pit ahead.Pull up and immediately drop back and dangle for the ramp while a spiked ball whizzes over Laraís head.Pull up and run straight to the top.Pick up another BA CARTOUCHE there.If you donít want to be chased by another spiked ball, return down the ramp on the same side you came up.Jump the spike pit and notice the lever that has appeared at the bottom.


Push the lever and return one more time over the spike pit and to the top of the ramp.Look for the crawlspace that has opened near the ceiling on the left-hand side and climb in for Secret #2: red shotgun shells and a GOLDEN STAR (NOTE: This star is not a puzzle piece, rather it is one of eight that will lead to a bonus level if all are found).Return to the small room with the torch below and leave by the door in the corner.


Place the BA CARTOUCHE in its receptacle to open the gate ahead.Before going through, step into the opening on the right and walk up to the slope.Use your binoculars with night vision (ctrl key) to look at the pattern at the top of the slope.Memorize the yellow highlighted squares.Lara will need to jump on these squares in this order (starting from the frog square at the bottom) to open the doors in the next room.Turn and head to the right and down the passageway to the next room.


Room with Hieroglyph Cutouts on Floor.Ignore the lighted squares.To open the 4 gates in this room, Lara need only jump on the 4 squares highlighted with yellow in the diagram, starting with the frog in the first row.Lara must not touch any other square or 1 or more of the doors will close.The squares catch on fire as Lara leaves them, so if you make a mistake have Lara stand on the raised square in the NE corner of the room to reset the puzzle.


Once the 4 gates are open, go through each in turn and activate the reach-in switch inside (the order doesnít matter).The sand door will now creak open allowing Lara to exit.


Room with Slicing Blades.Go through the newly opened sand door and around the corner of the passageway.Donít run in to the room ahead yet or slicing blades will zing down on Lara.Instead find the opening in the side of the corridor and activate the reach-in switch.This opens an alcove in the corridor back toward the sand door.†† Go there and activate another reach-in switch.The slicing blades are now disarmed, so proceed through the room and into the passageway on the other side.


Brown Granite Room with Poles.†† First look to the left and notice the black on the wall.The flame at the base makes it impossible for Lara to get there.Lara must make her way to the other end of this room using the gray platforms to the right and the poles in the center.Angle a running jump down to the first gray platform below and to the right.Set up a jump and grab to the first pole.Holding onto the pole, turn Lara around so her back is facing toward the next gray platform.Do a back flip on to the second platform.Jump to the next pole, turn Laraís back to the landing at the end, and back flip to it.


Now climb the ladder to the right and stand on the illuminated hieroglyph.The flame back under the ladder is now extinguished.Using the poles again, make your way back to the first gray platform.Jump and grab the higher landing at the east end of the room.Now make a running jump to the bottom of the ladder on the other side.Climb the ladder and move right to land on a platform above.


Turn around to see another ladder opposite.Angle a jump + grab to it and climb into the opening there for the revolver ammo.Now turn back to face the next ladder on the east wall.Do a running jump and grab the ladder.Move all the way to the right side of the ladder and position Lara about halfway up.Do a rolling back flip and grab the ladder on the wall behind.Move to the far left side of this ladder and do another rolling back flip and grab theladder on the other wall.Climb up and around the corner into a short hallway.Push the lever to open the gate below, slide down the ramp and enter the now opened doorway at the bottom.


Maze with Cave Paintings.At the first juncture, go to the left.Notice the closed gate toward the right, but continue straight ahead.Follow this passage to its end, shooting a hound en route, and stand on the illuminated hieroglyph.The gate you saw before has opened.Return there and pick up the second EYEPIECE.Go around the corner to the passage that parallels this one and push the lever to open a gate in the next branch of the maze (keep an eye out for the hound that was released at the same time).


From the door where you first enter, now go right.At the first juncture, go right and around the corner.Stand on the illuminated hieroglyph.Return to the juncture and follow the tunnel in the other direction.At the next juncture, go right and follow the passage to another illuminated hieroglyph.Step on it, then return to the juncture.Go straight, past the closed gate, and follow the passage to its end,Step on the final hieroglyph to open the gate you just passed by.


Return and go through the now open gateway.Climb the stairs and follow the path to the giant octagonal door.Combine the 2 EYEPIECES use the EYE OF HORUS to open the door.Run down the passageway ahead to end the level.





The small gold statue you saw through the gate some time ago is now before you.Pick upTHE SANDS STATUE and go through the open gate and to the left.At the end of the tunnel, pull up to find yourself back in the deep pit with the columns.The tunnel entrance at the west end is now open, so make your way there and in to the tunnel.



Room with Deep Chasm and Flaming Platforms.As Lara approaches the next room, a flyby gives us a tour,A deep chasm at the bottom of 2 steep slopes, a ninja patrolling the ledge on the other side, and a WATERS KEY atop a pillar at the south end of the room.The first objective is to lower the iron box that blocks the pillar with the KEY.


Lara will have to use the platforms with the holes on top to make her way to the other side of the room where the ninja is.However, these platforms start emitting flames shortly after Lara steps on them, so move from one to the next as quickly as possible.


Begin by stepping down to the very left side of the platform directly below the doorway you stand in .Immediately turn toward the right and make a running jump to the platform on the LEFT side of the column ahead.As quickly as possible, arrange a running jump to the platform against the north wall.Finally, make a running jump/grab to the landing to the west and pull up on flat ground.Pull a weapon and take care of the not-so-aggressive ninja.


Close at hand on the north wall is a button.Push it to lower the iron box guarding the KEY on the platform at the south end of the room.From the landing where you just pulled up, make a running jump + grab back to the platform under the monkey bars.Jump up to grab the monkey bars and swing across to the south end until Lara is hanging over the KEY.Drop down and pick up the WATERS KEY and immediately jump back up to grab the monkey bars,Turn and swing back to the platform at the north end and jump back to the wide ledge on the west side.


Place the WATERS KEY in its receptacle near the flaming column at the south end of the ledge.The chasm in the middle to the room is now filled with water (and crocodiles).†† Shoot the reptiles and jump into the water.Swim to an opening below and to the left of the pillar where you picked up the KEY.Swim in and to the right.Near the end of the short tunnel and on the left, is a narrow gap.Swim in and pick Uzi clips.Swim back out and around the corner to pick up some more Uzi clips.Swim back out to the main room,As you exit the tunnel swim up and right to find an opening at the waterís edge.Climb out and push the button at the end of the corridor.


The button has opened a gate in a corridor directly opposite this one on the north wall.Make your way there and climb out of the water.When you reach the end of the corridor, make long running jump over the lava pit to the slope beyond.Slide and jump over some more lava to the next slope, and make one final jump to clear the flame emitters.Push the button to start a small tremor that reshapes the room.


Climb up to the right, run ahead and climb up again to find the second SANDS STATUE.Now make a little detour for some goodies and a secret.Jump across to ledge below the entrance.Turn and locate another flat area just to the west.Jump over to it.Now jump and grab the crawl space above in the west wall.Crawl in and turn right at the first juncture to pick up Uzi clips.Turn and crawl the other way to the end of the crawlspace.


Climb over and up the blocks ahead to reach the long gallery with the sun roof.Pick up the large medpak + blue shotgun shells from the pedestals at the far end.Climb back down and find another crawl space at the base of the east wall in the dark gray stone.Crawl in and turn directly right to find Secret #2.When Lara can stand up, climb up on the block to her left.Jump over the flame to the other corner of the room and pick up the red shotgun shells.Now, facing east, make a running jump to the floor of the room, avoiding the flames.


Climb the block in the NE corner and push the button to lower the iron box across the way.Jump over and enter another narrow gallery.About halfway through it, look up to the right for an opening in the wall above.Jump up to the opening, crawl through and drop to the ground on the other side.Pick up the red shotgun shells and draw a weapon to take care of the ninja that emerges from behind the palm tree.Climb back through the hole to the narrow galleria.Continue to its end and pick up the crossbow explosive ammo.Now make your way all the way back to the large flooded room where you began.Climb out of the water where you entered this room and return to the deep pit with the red-patterned columns.


Use the columns to climb back to the area with first deep pit.Shoot a scorpion and jump over the pit, and return to the starting room via the stairs and the water tunnel.


Room with Red-Patterned Columns.Two seated statues flank the door in the north wall.Place a SANDS STATUE in the niche on the back of each one to open the door.Inside to the left, behind the newly opened door is a box of red shotgun shells.When Lara picks them up, a scorpion will sneak up from behind..At the bottom of the short set of stairs is a button on the wall.Push it to open the adjacent door.Look to the top of the short stairs here to see a large vase.Shoot it and collect the crossbow normal ammo hidden inside.


Room with Small Pool and Seated Statue.Head through the door the button opened.To the left, across an empty pool, a ninja will start blasting Lara with his Uzi.Blast him back and pick up the small medpakhe drops.Notice the door in the east wall, as well as the statue niche guarded by the flame emitters.Lara has a bit of work to do to open this door.Pick up the flares in the shallow depression to the right of the large staircase.To the left, grab the Uzi between the two columns.


Hallway with Small Lava Pit.Now head up the stairs and climb the block at the top.Keep climbing to the top of the long ladder and then head around the corner of the short corridor at the top.Jump the small lava pit and find the ladder to the left.At the top of the ladder, crawl in to the narrow gap, turn, and drop down in a narrow cubby on the other side for Secret #3:red shotgun shells + Uzi clips.Climb back in to the narrow gap at the top.This time crawl out in the direction of the lava pit.†† With Lara hanging from the side of the column, do a back flip with a roll and grab the cranny in the wall behind.Shimmy to the left until Lara can crawl into the gap.Drop to the other side and push the button at the bottom of the stairs.Return to the room below with the empty pool.


Room with Small Pool and Seated Statue.The small pool is now willed with water.Jump in and pick up the revolver ammo on the bottom.Swim to face the underwater door and use the ďactionĒ key to open it.(NOTE:The button on the wall of the pool was used only if Lara falls or drops into the pool when it is empty.It raises a block to allow her to climb out).Swim through the short tunnel and emerge in a room with a burning pedestal.


Room with Burning Pedestal..In the Sw corner, look through a small gap to see a vase.Shoot it.

Climb the short block that was to Laraís left as she came out of the water.Jump and grab the edge above and pull up into a short corridor.Around the corner and straight ahead is a gap at the top of the wall (notice the closed gate to the left)Climb in and drop and hang off the other side.Shimmy all the way right, then drop and shoot a second vase on the small landing.Drop back down through the opening at hand to the room below.


Repeat the climb back to the crawlspace above.This time shimmy just around the corner and pull up into the gap.Drop on the other side and shoot a third vase in a shallow hole in the corner. Notice the small opening high in the wall to the west.It is blocked by a gate.


Use the crawl space to return to the upper corridor.The gate is now open.At the end of the corridor is a button.Push it to open a door in the room below.Head back down and through the open doorway in the SE corner.Activate the reach-in switch to open the other gate upstairs where you shot the third vase.Return there, climb into the gap, turn and drop down to the next room.


Jump in to the pool and pick up the GARDENíS KEY on the bottom.Now swim through the small hole in the north wall of the pool.Turn right and swim through another narrow breach and around the corner to pick up the WATERíS KEY.Return the way you came.On the floor under the opening back to the pool, pick up the crossbow explosive ammo.Get some air out in the pool.


Now swim back through the hole and turn left.Follow the tunnel past a few several turns to its end.


Room with Red Patterned Pillars and Rope.Arrange a running jump across and to flat spot to the right of the small lava pit.Pull a weapon to take care of the ninja that charges around the corner.Find the ladder and climb it to the landing above.†† Walk to the end and turn east to see a small landing near the north wall with a button.Make a running jump there and push the button to open the door high on the south wall.Jump back to the landing at the top of the ladder.


Now facing east, jump to the pillar with the column on top.Jump across to the next pillar to the east.Drop down into the alcove below and place the WATERS KEY in its receptacle.Climb back out and return to the landing above the ladder.Along the way, a cut scene shows the fire has been extinguished in front of the statue niche back by the small pool.Now to find the statue.


Jump and grab the rope and use it to swing up to the landing under the door high in the south wall.Climb out and pick up the crossbow explosive ammo on the pedestal to the right, triggering the other door in the room to open.Go through the doorway (if you step on the red sand in the middle, a scorpion will appear).


Long Slide with Lava Pits.Lara must now slide down a series of chutes, jumping 3 lava pits along the way.Try to make your jumps as close as possible to the edge of each pit in order to clear it.Once you reach the bottom safely, climb up and run back along the ledge against the east wall to pick up the revolver ammo.Look out the second window to see the grenadegun in the distance.Lara canít reach it just yet.Now look up and take note of the button high on the west wall of the room.Youíll return here later.


For now exit through the doorway in the SE corner.


Courtyard with Obelisks and Gold Statue.Around the corner, look across the lava pit to see the GOLD STATUE on a pedestal in the distance.Thereís no way to reach it yet, so head through the opening in the sand bank to the south and find the open pool.Jump in and pick up the revolver ammo and grenadegun normal ammo at the bottom.Swim into the tunnel heading east.At the juncture, look left and notice the closed door, then swim up and to the right until you reach a dark underwater door on the right side of the tunnel.Open the door and swim into the next channel, making the first left toward an iron gate which opens as Lara approaches.


Rooms Reached by the Water Tunnels.Climb out of the pool and shoot the scorpion that approaches.Then shoot the vases on both sides of the room and pick up blue shotgun shells and Uzi clips.Find the button on the pillar under the window and push it to open the door back toward the beginning of the water tunnel.Return there and climb out.Take note of the patter of crocodile feet behind the iron gates†† Push the button between the 2 iron gates to raise an iron box back in the room you just came from.Swim back there.


Climb the short pillar at the back of the room and angle a running jump/grab to the pillar under the window.Jump to the iron box, then make a running jump with grab to the fissure in the wall ahead.Shimmy right until Lara can pull up into the opening.Drop into the depression below and look left for a dark opening.Climb up into it and pick up the Uzi clips around the corner.Now head the other direction and down the stairs to the water opening.Swim to the end of the channel and emerge on a balcony.Push the button to open the door above the small pillar back in the main room.


Return to the main room.Before entering the open doorway, Lara will have to find a way to open another door inside that room.Jump in the pool and swim back past the iron gate.Go left and past an underwater door on the right, then up to exit the tunnel.Climb the blocks ahead and push the button to open the other door.Drop to the block below.Instead of heading back to the water tunnel you just came from, make a running jump over it and the sand bank ahead to land in another opening.Swim to the end and up through the opening.Climb up to the ledge to find Secret #4: small medpak + crossbow explosive ammo + GOLD STAR #2.


Return, using the underwater door to exit this tunnel and make your way back to the main room.Climb up to the open doorway above the short pillar and push the button at the end of the room.Draw a weapon to take care of the ninja that charges into the room.That done, head back out to the main room. (NOTE: The small water opening only leads to a closed door now.Also, take note of the button blocked by the iron box).


Outside in the main room, notice the iron box which has risen in the middle.Drop to the short pillar below the doorway and make a running jump/grab to the iron box.Look to see the other door high on the wall is open now.Jump to the red patterned pillar against the east wall, and then arrange a running jump/grab to the other open doorway.Inside, cross the boardwalk and push the button at the back of the room.The boardwalk collapses to reveal a lava pit.Arrange a running jump over it and to the platform on the right or left.Donít stay too long on the platform, as it will soon burst into flames.


Outside in the main room, another iron box has risen between the columns by the east wall.Angle a running jump/grab to the first column, then use the iron box to cross to the next.Activate the reach-in switch to open the 2 iron gates back in the room at the other end of the water tunnel.Swim back there and be prepared to tangle with the crocodile that is now free.Once heís dealt with, push the button on the back side of the column between the two gates.A flyby shows iron boxes have been raised in the lava pit outside, and the GOLD STATUE can now be reached.


Courtyard with Obelisks and Gold Statue.Return by the water tunnel to the courtyard and use the iron boxes to jump across and retrieve the GOLD STATUE.Pick up the Uzi clips in the corner.Now head back over to the doorway where you originally entered this area (to the room with the long slide and lava pits).A column now stands below that button high on the wall.Climb up and push it, then return to the courtyard.Along the way, youíll hear an explosion.Around the corner to the left, Lara can go through a new opening and pick up Secret #5: small medpak + grenadegun.After retrieving them, head back to the pool leading to the water tunnels.


This time, take the other tunnel (leading to the south).Not far along, keep an eye out for and underwater door on the right.Behind it lies Secret #6: a large medpak.After picking it up, continue down the water tunnel.As Lara approaches the corner a crocodile attacks.Get past it as well you can, and swim to the end of the tunnel to emerge back in the first room of the level (the iron gate opens as you approach).If you like, wait for the crocodile to surface and blast it.Go and place the GOLD STATUE in its niche to open the adjacent door.


Outside Near the Gray Stone Structure.Head outside through the open doorway.As Lara turns the corner by the gray stone structure, a ninja awaits.Shoot him and pick up the Uzi clips.Follow the footpath around the perimeter to the other side of the structure.At the end of the path, drop into a shallow well and push the button to open a gate inside the structure.Return down the footpath.Near the wall of the structure climb the slope near the palm tree.A couple of jumps will put Lara on a ledge near the outer wall above.Make your way behind a second tree and around to the flat shelf near the east wall.Pick up the revolver ammo there.


Slide down to the pillar with the green tiles on top near the wall of the structure.Jump from the pillar to the top of the wall.At the NW end of the wall, find the blue shotgun shells.Climb down into the structure and follow the tunnel underground.Climb out of the tunnel, then ascend the ladder to emerge in an area with blue-trimmed walls.



Area with Blue-Trimmed Walls and Water Opening.Follow the footpath around the corner and until you reach a small slope,Jump the slope and push the button in the well behind.This opens a door in the adjacent courtyard, so jump back over the short slope and head to the open doorway.In a dark area on the left wall of the room is another button,Push it to open a door in the water tunnel outside.Notice the door in the shadows at the end of the boardwalk.


Jump in the water and follow thepassage to another opening.Climb out into a room you should recognize from before.Lara can now push the button that was previously blocked by the iron box.This opens the door back in the room off the courtyard.Head back there and through the open doorway.


Large Pool Beneath the Ramparts.Run down to the waterís edge.The body of water ahead is divided into three pools by rock outcroppings.Once Lara jumps in, thereís no turning back.Slide into the water as a crocodile appears.Swim left under the rock outcropping then right to find a flat spot where Lara can climb out at the poolís end.Turn and shoot the reptile.Now jump to the steep sand dune to the north, slide back and grab the edge above the water.Shimmy all the way left until Lara can climb out on flat ground and pick up the red shotgun shells.


If another crocodile is circling below, shoot it now.Otherwise jump back in the water and head through the center pool and into the third pool to the south.Turn right and find the ledge at the west end to climb out on.Shoot the second crocodile if you havenít before.Jump to the rock outcropping over the pool to the north.Slide back and grab the edge over the water and shimmy all the way to the right where Lara can climb out and grab some Uzi clips.


Jump back in the water and swim into the center pool.Swim up under the rock outcropping at the east end and climb out.SAVE YOUR GAME.Run corridor ahead to finish the level.




NOTE:You will want to save a copy of the last savegame to use when the next level is released.This way, you will start the level with all the pickups that you have made so far.