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Secrets: 6


NOTE: NW = northwest, SE = southeast, etc.


Part 1


Spike Ball Room.  The level opens with Lara sliding down and off a short ramp.  When you land, immediately jump back and off the landing, and grasp the edge.  Wait while 2 spiked balls go whizzing past your head.  Drop down and proceed forward toward the gap.  Before jumping over, wait while another spiked ball comes toward you and drops into the gap.   Below and to the left of the gap is a small landing.  Jumping here will stop the earthquake.


From this small landing you can see monkey bars under the walkway above.  You can use these to move to the end of the room.  Swing over, drop, grab and shimmy to the right where you can climb up on a narrow ledge.  In the corner is a yellow-and blue floor tile. Stand on this square to reveal a switch on the pillar back where you entered the room.  To get back there, you'll need to jump back & forth on the sloping sides of the room below you, while moving back toward the small platform near the center.  From there, a back flip to the slope behind, continuing into a forward jump and grab will put you back on the upper walkway.  Jump over and pull the switch to open the door on the wall above.  Make the jump to the now open alcove and pull the lever, which puts out the flame below the ladder.  Make your way to the ladder and exit the room.


Room With Burning Eyepiece/Underwater Tunnels.  In the next room, you will find a lever in the middle of each of the 4 walls.  Pull them each, but do it quickly as you will soon be pursued by a fire demon.   Pulling all 4 levers fills the pit below with water; jump in quickly to get rid of them.  Notice the underwater lever beneath the burning pedestal - pull it.  Head into the tunnel (north).  To the right is another underwater lever to pull.  Explore the short network of tunnels, (picking up the flares) until you find the opening at the back to climb out.  Activate the reach-in switch to extinguish the flame on the pedestal.  Return for the EYE PIECE, and then grab small medpaks in the SE and SW corners of the room and red shotgun shells in the water near the entrance to the water tunnel.


Mummy Room.  Swim back up the tunnel through the now-open door at the end and up through the opening straight ahead.  Let Lara slide into the pink liquid below and walk directly ahead (WITHOUT STOPPING) to the platform at the other end of the room and climb out before the flames ignite the pool.  Climb the pole in the corner and avoid the annoying mummy.  Back-flip from the pole to the raised landing and push the button.  This raises another block at the back of the room, giving you access to the second EYE PIECE as well as a small crawlspace in the darkened corner where you will find revolver ammo.  After getting them, head across the flat squares above the slope on the left, back toward the entrance to the room to find Secret #1 (Uzi clips and blue shotgun shells).  Carefully angle a running jump to the ladder, which has appeared by the entrance, and leave the room.


Back in the water, make a left around the corner and surface in the next room.  Shoot the scorpion.  As you approach the door, the grate in the floor will burst into flames.  Carefully jump to the recessed area between the sloping stone blocks.  From there, angle a jump onto the next sloping block on your side & hold the jump key while flipping back & forth on the blocks and toward the door until you land on flat ground.  Combine the EYE PIECES and use the EYE OF HORUS to open the door. 


Room With Burning Hand of Sirius.  Enter the room with the flaming pedestal and shoot another scorpion.  Go down the hall to the left and stand on the yellow-and-blue square, which opens another door back in the flaming pedestal room.   Use the monkey bars overhead to swing back out, or the door will close when you cross the other colored square.  SLOWLY proceed into the now open hall on the other side of the room until the spikes pop up in front of you.  Jump up & grab the landing above and proceed on and down to the end of the hallway and pull the lever.  Head back to the flaming pedestal room, where a new block has been raised, giving you access to an overhead switch.  Pull it to open the large stone door leading to the next room.


No time to look around as the fire demon has reappeared.  Head into the next room and straight toward the back wall (avoid falling into the empty pools in the middle of the room).  On the back wall are 2 buttons, to the left and right of the carved stone door.  Push them to fill the pools then jump in to dampen those fire demons.


End of Part 1


Part 2


Room With Three Pools.  There are 3 pools in this room – north, middle and south.  Beginning in the north pool, follow a tunnel to a room with an underwater switch.  Pulling this switch opens a gate in the south pool, giving access to a second underwater switch there.  Pulling the switch in the south pool opens the gate in the middle pool.  Before leaving the south pool, pick up the flares in the room at the east end.


Pull the underwater switch in the middle pool to open a gate in the north (first pool).  Find the blue shotgun shells before leaving the pool.  Back in the north pool, go through the open gate and follow the tunnel to an upper level.  Push (action key) the doors to open them and go right to find an overhead switch.  Pulling it raises a block near the entrance to the room.  Drop down and climb these blocks.  Turning to face the entrance, you will see a lion’s head statue on the wall.  Shoot it to drop a rope to your left.  Using the rope, swing over to the next landing.


Open the doors and slide down, catching the pole.  Turn to face the door on the right (as you entered), positioning Lara for a back flip into the door on the left.  Pull the switch (dropping 2 more ropes in the center of the pool room), and then use the pole to back flip to the right door and exit.  Make your way back up the blocks at the entrance and carefully line up a running jump to the first new rope.  From there, swing and jump to the second rope.

Turn to the right and make a tricky short swing/jump to the small landing  (notice that the landing to the left is on fire).  From the small landing, shoot the second lion’s head statue.  This opens a door leading to the HAND OF ORION.  To get there, head back through the north pool tunnel to the upper level.  This time, turn left and line up a running jump/grab to the landing across the way.  Go around the corner and get the puzzle piece.  Notice the other door in this hallway – you’ll come back to it later.


Back around the corner, on the landing and facing south, you can see that the flame is now out on the other small landing.  Line up a running jump/grab, arcing slightly in midair to reach the landing, where you shoot the third lion’s head statue.  Use the rope to swing across to the other small landing.  Looking south, you will see another landing in the corner of the room.  A running jump/grab with a slight arc will get you there.  Go around the corner and down the hall to pull a lever.  A flyby shows you that the flame guarding the HAND OF SIRIUS is now out.


Placing the 2 HANDS opens the carved stone door at the back of the room.  It also releases the 3 hounds, so be prepared to deal with them.  Head part the newly opened door to the next room.


Room With Giant Golden Seth Effigies.  Walk out onto the hand of the giant gold dog effigy.  Across the way, a gate and a flame block your path.  Turn around and, using the ladder wall, make your way down to the opening in the wall above the bridge.  Activate the reach-in switch to put out the first flame above.  Make your way across the bridge and climb to another dark opening.  At the back, a lever opens the gate above.  Make your way back up the ladder wall and cross statue with a running jump/grab to the hand on the hand at other side.


Go through the door and shoot the scorpion.  Push the button on the left, which releases another fire demon.  Fortunately, it also clears the water in the pool below, so turn and head back to the statue room and take a dive.  Under the bridge is an under water lever to open the door leading out onto the second giant statue above.  Toward the far end of the pool is a landing with another button that opens the 3rd stone door after the second giant statue.


Go back up the ladder wall and across again to the other side of the room.  Inside the door, a ramp leads up to the right.  Run up and cut to the right as quickly as you can to avoid spiked ball that comes crashing down.  At the top of the ramp is a hallway to the left.  Push the button to extinguish the flame on the hand of the other large statue.  Run or jump down the other side of the ramp and cut to the right quickly as another spiked ball follows you.  You can now make your way across to the room in the SW corner, taking care of another demon hound as you enter.  Pull the overhead switch in the back right corner of the room.


A cut scene shows a door opening somewhere.  It’s the one in the hallway where you got the HAND OF ORION earlier.  To get there and pick up a Secret along the way, head back over the statue and up and down the ramp.  At the bottom of the ramp is a small opening of water.  Jump in and pick up Secret #2 (large medpak).  Now follow this water tunnel back to north pool tunnel (the gate will open as you approach), where you can access the upper level and the newly opened door.  Pushing the button raises a block back in the room off the dog statue room.  Make your way back there.


Climb and shimmy to a landing with a button.  Push it and take a running jump across to a ladder opposite.  Jump to the next landing and look to the right for a landing with an overhead switch.  Pulling the switch opens the doors above.  Make your way up and through the doors.  At the back of this room, climb down the ladder wall and find the water opening.  Jump in and follow the blue tunnel to the next room.


End of Part 2


Part 3


Courtyard With 4 Large Doors.  On the wall to the left of the north doors is a climbable grate.  At the top, arrange a jump over to the ledge above the west doors.  Find the overhead switch and pull it, raising a block in the room above where you entered.  Return via the water tunnel and ladder.  Take care of the demon hounds that have shown up, then climb to the alcove and push the button.  This opens a gate in the courtyard, giving you access to a yellow globe.


Back In the courtyard, you’ll see 4 circles on the floor around the center of the room.  Drag the first globe on to the SE circle to open the southern doors.  Before entering, take a detour for the next Secret.  Pushing the button upstairs has released a rope above the east doors.  Climb back up, and using the ledges and the rope, make your way around to the ledge above the south doors for Secret #3: flares.  The quickest way down is to safety drop to the raised pillar in the corner below, losing just a bit of health.


Urn Puzzle.  Go through the southern doors and past two inaccessible globes until you reach a yellow urn.  Push it ahead to the yellow-and-blue square to open a door in a hallway a couple steps back.  Here another urn awaits.  Locate the dark circle on the floor at the end of this hallway; you’ll need to maneuver the urn there to open the next door in the adjacent hallway.


Inside that door is a lever to open the final door where another dark circle graces the floor.  You’ll need to move the first urn here to complete the puzzle.  (Note: Another yellow-and-blue square in the hallway outside here is a trick.  If you move the urn there, it will close the door).  Now you can access another globe in the hallway outside.  This globe must be placed on the NE circle in the courtyard to open the eastern doors.


Head through the doors and down the stairs to room where you’ll need to use the landings and rope to get to the other side, where you’ll find an antechamber with a closed gate straight ahead and a open doorway to the right. 


Treasure Room.   Head to the right and up the stairs to find your prize: THE AMULET OF HORUS.  Grabbing the AMULET opens the gate back in the antechamber, but first you’ll want to get some goodies here.  Along each side of the stairway is a wall topped with columns.  Behind the wall to the left (as you look out of the room) is another yellow urn.  Move it to the colored square to open a door hidden above in the right corner of the room.  There, at the top of the stairs, jump and climb to a crawlspace to find Secret #4: red shotgun shells.  Before getting down, shimmy to the left to find some Uzi clips.


Now climb over the wall to the right (as you look out) of the stairway to find some revolver ammo.  Now you can head back down to the antechamber, but you’ll have to move to the left or right after clearing the door to avoid being pin-cushioned by the rolling spike ball that follows you.  At the same time, draw your pistols to dispose of the demon hound lurking below.


As you enter the antechamber, you may notice a block rising in the corner.  Ignore it for now and head through the now-open gate door.


Fire Pit Room.  Make running jump over the fire pit and enter the room behind.  Notice the alcove with a button in the wall above.  Turn right and climb the ladder, then jump across to the next pillar.  A dark crawlspace on the left hides a vase.  Crouch and shoot it, then crawl in to get the Uzi clips.  Back out on the pillar, face the opening in the wall opposite.  Make a running jump, hitting the “action” key in the air, to land in the opening. 


Use the monkey bars to (taking the path to the right) to clear the nasty looking pool. (NOTE: Getting on the monkey bars is a bit tricky.  From the back of your small landing, do a run & jump, then immediately press and hold “action”  to grab the bars).  At the other side, shoot the vase then make your way back to the fire pit room.  A block is now in place under the alcove with the button.  A flyby shows the flame going out in front of the other globe in the recess off the courtyard.  Head back to the antechamber. 


Colonnade Room. Now use the raised block to access the crawlspace in the corner.  (POSSIBLE BUG: If this block disappears, just cross back into the treasure room to re-trigger it).  Drop down from the crawlspace and deal with the waiting demon hound.


Move toward the back of the room and down the ramp to retrieve the flares.  Turn around and head up the ramp until you can jump and grab the wall on your left between the last two columns.  Notice the small window and the stairs behind; you’ll be there later.  Draw your pistols and angle a jump past the last column to the back of the room.  Shoot the mangy demon hound that comes from the doorway.  Now you can pick up Secret #5: normal grenades.  Push to open the doors and return to the courtyard.


Move the next globe into place on the NW circle to open the northern doors.


Room With Sloping Pillars.  Head through the northern doors and around the corner.  The sequence here is as follows: Make a running jump and grab to the pillar directly ahead.  Shimmy to the right.  Pull up and slide down the other side almost to the bottom, then jump and grab the edge of the pillar ahead.  Facing north, you’ll see a landing with a yellow-and-blue tile across the room.  Use the monkey bars to get there.  Landing on the tile will open the exit door in the SW corner.


Monkey swing back to the flat pillar.  Facing east, do a standing jump from the front of the pillar to the sloping pillar below (hold down “jump” until you land).  Do a short slide then jump to the next sloping pillar.  Continue holding the “jump” key as you hit this pillar, then the next, until you land safely on the platform below.  Climb the ladder ahead.


Vase and Urn Puzzle.  Begin by shooting all the vases.  There are 4 altogether, including one hidden above, that you access through a hole in the ceiling of the hallway at the top of the ladder (this is the passage glimpsed through the window in the colonnade room).  With all 4 vases shattered, you can now go back for the final Secret of the level. 


Back in the room you just came from, the water is now blue and sparkling.  Jump in and find the opening on the south wall, and the large medpak inside.  Now swim across and find the opening on the north wall and Secret #6: revolver ammo and Uzi clips.  Swim back to the ladder and climb to the passage above.


There are 2 dark circles in this small network of hallways.  Ignore the one you see directly ahead as you climb off the ladder (Moving the urn here shuts a door which makes it impossible to move the urn to the other circle.  To open the door you have to swim back and repeat the previous steps of this section.).  Instead maneuver the urn to the circle at the end of the other hallway.  Once it is in place, a cut scene shows a hidden door has been opened back off the courtyard.  Return there via the water tunnel near at hand.  The door is next to where you got the last 2 globes, and the final puzzle piece is inside.  Move the globe to the last available circle to open the western doors.


Head through the western doors to find yourself in a dark room with a mummy at the far end.  Along the left-hand wall make three jumps over the deep trenches to the platform where the mummy is.  Climb the block in the corner and jump to the monkey bars.  Follow the monkey bars all the way around to the lighted crawl space and use it to enter the next room.  Inside, push open the doors and prepare to deal with a bit of nastiness on the other side.


Seth’s Lair.  As you enter, a flyby shows a crystal wall shattering and nasty old Seth storms out.  He’s mellowed with age, though, because he won’t attack Lara when she’s on the upper level – he’ll just stomp around below growling.  He is deadly, though, once you’re below, so you have to keep moving and use medpaks as needed.


Ignore all the things in the room that look like they are meant for climbing or monkey swinging.  The objective here is to activate three switches and get out.  The exit is in the SW corner of the room on the upper level. 


The fastest way to get all three switches is as follows: 


First, jump in to the water below and follow the pool clockwise until you reach a tunnel.  Follow the tunnel to the underwater switch and pull it.  Follow the tunnel back to open water and exit the pool to the north.  Turn right and run past the chamber from which Seth first appeared and find the button in the NE corner of the room (ground level).  You must now make your way up to the top level using the raised block at the SW corner of central ground level.  Once up, turn right and make a running jump over to the north side of the room and push the button on the north wall, opening the door to the exit.  Head back and go through the exit and down the ramp to end the level.